Train Like Your Life Depends On It

How many of you give nothing but your best every time you step on the training floor?

It’s okay, you can be honest.

Every time you come into training, you:

  • Choose the most challenging exercise progression that you are currently able to do
  • Complete every second despite what that little voice inside your head says
  • Are engaged in your training, meaning you know where you are going next and you surely won’t be missing a beat
  • Progress your load as you are able

Does this explain you?

If not, why? Are we not all here to get results? I know I am. We are all looking to get better in some way whether that means fat loss, muscle gain, feeling better, looking better…anything! We all have goals we want to achieve. So if you are only training hard at most 4 times per week, why would you not give 110% for that one hour 4 times per week?

You have 4 hours a week to train your body to the best of your ability. If you can do push- ups, do them. If you can ski erg faster- do it. If you can lift something heavier, do it! Results aren’t going to come find you. You need to earn them. If you are not busting it every minute in here, then you’ll never reach your full potential.

Here is your new goal: Train like your life depends on it. There are so many people in this world who do not have a functional body, who do not have all their limbs, who are unable to train the way you get to train. EMBRACE THAT! Be thankful. Train hard every single time because you and your body deserve it and your quality of life does in fact depend on it.

Anyone can go through the motions – that’s not what we are here to do. We are here to change something about ourselves and be better. If that is not your mentality- let’s figure out how to change that!

Coach Meagan

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