Trust the Bands

I think it is time we have the bands talk. Every single person who steps on to our training floor is required to go through the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) first. This is important for four big reasons:

  1. It shows us how YOU move as an individual 
  2. It shows us how to train YOU safely in a group setting
  3. It is an injury prevention tool
  4. It is a measuring tool

So let’s breakdown the big four so that we can be on the same page and keep you training safe.

1. It shows us how YOU move as an individual

Ever looked in to personal training – like 1 on 1 training? Do you have any idea how costly it would be to train that way 4 times per week? You’d be looking at a minimum $240 PER WEEK. Yes, almost $1000 per month. That’s a lot of dough! It is unnecessary at Get Fit NH BECAUSE of this screen. When we screen you and we assign you bands that means that ANY COACH can look at your wrist and identify what exercise is safe for you and what exercise is not so safe right now. That means even with 30 students in the room I can look at your wrist and know who should be doing exactly what exercise. Everyone has different ailments and limitations – it is important for us to know that and individualize your training. It is a scary thought that most training facilities don’t do this.

2. It shows how to train YOU safely in a group setting

Each band represents a different movement pattern. The FMS consists of 7 different movement patterns and there are 7 colored bands. If you have a white band and we see you pressing overhead, we are going to quickly stop you and give you an alternative. I hear ALL.THE.TIME. that “but it doesn’t hurt to do that.” I want you to think of this little picture. You know a credit card? You know how when you bend it in half it doesn’t break the first time, or the second time, or the third time, or even the fourth time? You can just keep bending it back and forth trying to break it in half, eventually it will go. Not right away, but eventually it will…

It is the same thing with your movement patterns. Your FMS revealed that something isn’t moving the way we were designed to move. If we continue to load that we will eventually breakdown and get hurt. Wear your bands. Don’t sneak exercises that aren’t safe for you. We want to keep you training safe and this is the best way to make sure that happens.

3. It is an injury prevention tool

Remember the credit card story? Even though it doesn’t hurt right now the risk is MUCH greater than the reward. I have seen it over and over and over again.

4. It is a measuring tool

Bands are not forever! We recommend and ENCOURGE rescreens. You can sign up for a rescreen anytime on the whiteboard in Concord with Coach Cari. If those times don’t work, then talk to another coach! We are all certified to get you rescreened. We want you to get out of bands too. This is a fantastic way to see where you are moving better and again check out where there may be a risk of injury.

Bands are NOT a punishment. In my opinion, you are punishing yourself by not wearing them and doing exercises that are not appropriate for you right now. It is not a judgement on you or your fitness level – it is what keeps you safe. I can point you to a number of students who disregarded their bands and ended up with injuries and were out of training, because of it. That sounds like the real punishment to me!

Let's keep you training safe!
Coach Meagan

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