Try to Catch Stacy in the Spotlight

Tutu Tuesday started years ago at 6:15 in Epsom. Santa visiting every year is now a tradition. These are just two of the inspirations Stacy has given back to Get Fit NH. 

But Stacy is following in the footsteps of others when it comes to her attendance at training. You see Stacy didn't miss one training time all year. She made it happen. There were days she had to get up earlier in order to train. She had to rearrange her schedule other days so it would fit in. It was that important to her that she Made It Happen- no matter what. 

In 2017 Stacy didn't miss one training. She is following in the footsteps of others in her training time. They've made it such a way of life that if they aren't there, it is STRANGE. 

Here is my challenge to you; who is going to follow in Stacy's footsteps? Who is going to be known for consistency and determination? Who will have perfect attendance in 2018?

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