A Unique and Special Spotlight

This spotlight is SUCH a cool story! I can’t say I have ever heard a story quite so unique. Katie Lyon-Pingree is shining away and we are BEYOND proud of this cool story. Katie is a harpist. I knew this about Katie from the start, but I never could have guessed what training at Get Fit NH could have done for her special talent. Check out the note we got from Katie a few weeks ago.

“I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to you all! As you may (or may not) know, I have been subbing down in Boston with the Ballet Orchestra for the past 2 years. This past June, they held their audition for the position of principal harpist and I WON! katie

My time thus far at Get Fit played an integral role in “making that happen”. What I have learned in a relatively short time from y’all is how to do hard things and not give up. This audition for me I consider the 2nd hardest thing I’ve ever done (2nd only to childbirth). It took all of my mental, emotional, and physical abilities to win. I know for sure that my “practicing” of doing that which is difficult on a PHYSICAL level helped tremendously with that.

This email can’t quite capture the magnanimity of what has shifted in me with your support.
So thank you!”

This note will forever touch my heart on so many levels. Katie has it right. Training is about so much more than changing your body. It is about training your mind too and teaching yourself that you CAN do hard things and not give up. Katie has simply wow’d us recently. She used to come to the 8:30 ladies training and then out of no where she came to 5 AM one day. Now she is faithful to 5 AM. She gets in, gets it done and gets on with her day. The change we have seen in Katie is so special and she deserves a HUGE high five!

Keep making it happen, Katie!
Coach Meagan


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