Thank-You For Voting. It’s Time To Vote!!! (WHAAAAT???)

cappies2016Voting season is here and in high speed!

Thank you all so much for your votes in the 2016 Hippo “Best Of”Awards.

Thanks to you Get Fit NH was recognized for the 7th year in a row for “Best Gym” seat Coach Nancy earned her 6th “Best Fitness Instructor” award. You Rock!

Could you please help us out again?

We are asking for you to put your voting caps back on for the 2016 Capital Area People’s Preference Awards also known as the Concord Cappies. Voting starts TODAY and goes through April 30th.

Please Vote for Get Fit NH in the following category:

Health and Beauty
Question #34
Best Fitness Center
Get Fit NH

We lost last year to a franchise gym, but we are confident that you can help us win this year, and we created a link to take you right to the voting. You’re Welcome! :0

Click here at, where you will find the voting categories. Please nominate other local, deserving businesses too!

We are grateful that you choose to train with us, and thank-you for voting!
Coach Meagan

P.S. You will receive a confirmation email from “Polldaddy” after you vote. Please “confirm” or your votes won’t count! 🙂

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