Wanna Have Coffee With Me?

I'm inviting you to have coffee with me (you'll have to make your own, though, because we are on a teleconference) 🙂

We can talk about anything. Well maybe not anything, but if it has to do with training or nutrition it's all fair game. 

  • Maybe you have a question you've always wanted to ask about "why do we do that?"
  • Maybe you're stuck on a plateau and wondering what could be next
  • It could be that you are just starting this thing of better health and just needed to be pointed in the right direction. 
  • Or you might just not get enough of me through the week and want to hang out (that's what I am guessing anyways)

The cool thing is we are going to do it all online. Thats right, you can have coffee with me while you are in the comfort of your favorite cozy chair and I'm in my kitchen. In the past we have had a great crew show up, great conversation, and a lot of fun. Show up early, because only the first 25 can get in!

When: Saturday, October 21

What time: 9:00am for an hour or so

Where: Meet me here virtually through this link.

Tell Your Friends!