Way To Go Jen – Success Story Extraordinaire!

The Hits Keep Coming!

Congrats to Jen for stepping out of her comfort zone and Making It Happen!

“Hey Dean and Nancy!

I wasn’t going to do the contest because I’ve already gotten rid of most of my bigger clothes. (I’m the anti-pack rat.)  But I realized that I did have some progress to show still.

The olive green shirt was my comfort shirt when I first came to Get Fit NH Bootcamp last June.  The purple one is my current comfort shirt.

In the 2nd photo, the navy blue shirt is my Army Basic Training PT shirt I got when I graduated…back when I could run an 8-minute mile!  I can fit into this one again pretty comfortably now!

But my favorite is my pants photo.  The gray pants are the size 14 that I was able to buy after my first two months of Bootcamp, down from an 18!

And the black leggings are the pants I had the courage to buy this spring.  Never, ever, ever did I think I could be a leggings girl – but I am now!  And my butt looks fabulous in them, thanks to Nancy’s cracking whip!” – Jen Schwab

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