We All Need A Coach – Even Us Coaches!

Recently, I had myself a little pity party because of some pain I had been dealing with. It was bad. It was downright embarrassing, actually. I skipped training, drank a glass of wine and ate like crap. Guess how I felt the day after? The exact same – go figure. Not only was I still in just as much pain, I also felt regret for skipping training and eating like crap. Maybe you think your coaches are these super humans who never get down on themselves and never make bad choices and never get hurt, but that’s so far from the truth. I will speak for myself here – I am human (and I am pretty sure my fellow coaches are too!). I need help and more importantly I NEED A COACH! Guess who came to my rescue when I was down on myself?

Coach Dean. Yep. That’s right. Your coach is my coach. He needs a coach, I need a coach, we all need a coach.

I want to come to your rescue, too. We all throw ourselves a little pity party now and then. It is important that you let someone rescue you. Don’t build on your pity party. Don’t use pain as an excuse to make bad choices. You know and I know that skipping training and poor nutrition don’t lead to a pain free life or a happy life.

Let’s keep making it happen. Together we will keep training smarter and eating better 🙂
Coach Meagan

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