“We have changed how we think act and live in relation to food and activity!”

Hi Dean and Nancy,

I wanted to do this yesterday but time slipped away from me.

I want to thank you both for what you are doing with fitness and nutrition for us. If you ever are discouraged or wondering if you make a difference-be assured you are making a BIG HUGH difference for us.

If I only judged my progress by weight loss alone I could get very discouraged. I have discovered there are so many other ways to measure progress, clothes fitting better, stamina ,ability to do more exercises faster at Bootcamp.

I have had only had 1 cold this year, usually I have had 2-3 sinus infections and other ailments. I have not had the winter spring lethargy as in past years when I sat on my butt eating everything I could get my hands on(Oreos and Judy’s cakes for breakfast we a special challenge to see how much I could eat).

At my physical yesterday the Nurse Pract. said the best thing I could do was build more lean muscle since lean muscle burns more calories even at rest. I explained this was your exact philosophy! My labs are returning to normal, my lungs, heart and carotids were clear, my BP was very good.

It does look like my goal of stopping some of the meds will have to wait since she wants to be aggressive treating me due to age and risk factors.

We have changed how we think act and live in relation to food and activity.

I feel especially blessed that Judy is also making progress and we are doing this together.

So thanks, and I pray the Lord blesses you and your family!

Greg Swain, Concord NH

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