What Do You Expect Out Of Your Training?

Nancy and I were at a health fair recently sharing the Get Fit NH goodness with the world (ok, not the whole world :), and a comment kept coming up from people as we talked to them:

It went something like this:

“I’m good, I go to the gym”

to which we follow up with...

“Great, what do you do there?”

and usually we hear about their adventures on an elliptical, or treadmill or something similar.

Our next question is “That’s cool, is there someone in the room that helps you with your training and gives you a plan?”

To which the response is “No, I just usually run for an hour, or do one of the programs on the machine”. In fact, today out of all the people we talked to only one (??) did any form of resistance training.

And that’s where the magic happens – when we explain to them that at Get Fit NH, not only is there a coach (or two or three) in the room, but they are actively coaching each client on safe form, good technique, and progressing or modifying as necessary.

Most of them think that’s the coolest thing ever.

You see there is a huge difference between hiring a room full of machines and hiring a professional coach. For some people the room full of machines is all they want, and that’s great. If that works for you I am all for it.

There is also a huge difference between Get Fit NH and other “class” options out there. We are group personal training. We are not up in front of the room leading the “class”. We are actively coaching, down on the floor when necessary, correcting and refining each movement to make sure our clients get the most out of their training.

After all that’s ultimately why our clients train – to get better – not just tired.

We have high expectations; of our clients for sure, but especially for ourselves. At the end of this post there is a copy of a sheet we hand all our clients outlining our mutual responsibilities. You will find that our expectations for ourselves outnumber our clients significantly. That’s not by accident.

Come experience Get Fit NH Bootcamp for yourself. Take advantage of our Two Week Free Tryout and find out why people all over Southern NH have chosen to train with us.

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Coach Dean

What You Can Expect Of Get Fit NH Coaches

We believe that you want to be here and be an active participant in living a healthy lifestyle. It is our responsibility to provide you the fitness coaching you need to reach your health and fitness goals.

We will be enthusiastic and encouraging.

We will provide a safe environment in which to train.

We will always be assessing and coaching while you train in order that you can gain maximum benefit and be confident in what you are doing. We will ask you to stop what you are doing if we deem the execution of movement to be unsafe.

We will challenge you to work hard and to stretch yourself.

We will keep you accountable to your training days.

We will refer you to others in the health and wellness field when we believe that would be beneficial to your health and assist you in reaching your goals.

We will live what we teach, and take good care of ourselves so we can do our best for you.

We will continue to learn and grow through self-study, seminars, and workshops and by working with coaches and mentors.

We will live up to the highest ethical standards of our profession and treat all of our members professionally and courteously at all times.

What We Expect Of Our Clients

Do your best at all times and accept your current abilities.

Come every day with a positive attitude.

Avoid negative self-talk and minimizing your achievements.

Please do not use the word “Can’t”. Just because you are currently unable to do something doesn’t mean you won’t ever be able to do it.

Be present and ready to train at your scheduled class time.

Call, text or write when you are unable to come to a scheduled class.

Be prepared to laugh, learn, work hard, sweat, and succeed.

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