What else does Jayne do?


Not always in killer shape – Jayne Circa 2011. (Don’t kill me Jayne, the after is worth showing the before!)

As we head into the New Year everyone seems to have resolutions on their mind. And while I am not a big fan of resolutions (which have a 92% failure rate) I am a big fan of evaluating where I am at and where I want to get to, and the turning of the calendar is a good time to take the time to set some goals. Often time that means looking at what successful people in a particular area have done or are doing , and model what they have done to get there. That could be in many areas of my life. For instance for our business I might take a look at what a company known for great customer service does (Zappos for example) and see how we can better serve our clients by adopting those practices. Make sense? In the same way if I want to get in great shape I would find out what someone does who is in great shape and do what they do.

Which brings me to Jayne. Those of you who train in Concord most likely know who Jayne is. I cannot tell you the number of people who have asked our coaches “What does Jayne do besides train at Get Fit NH?”, and the hard work she has put in is very deserving of such a question. Rather than put words in her mouth, I asked her to tell you herself. So here goes:

DC: “Jayne, what do you do to get in shape besides train at Get Fit NH?”

JM: “Honestly, very little.  I enjoy running and indoor rock climbing with the kids, but my weight and body fat percentage do not seem to go up or down because of those activities.  If I go a week without running, my weight and body fat tend to stay about the same.  If I go a week without training at Get Fit NH, well that is entirely different!

There are two things that made the difference for me:   Choosing to train hard and eat right (most of the time!).

Just about two years ago, I joined FLAG and lost 20 pounds in about 20 weeks.  I’ve kept the weight off thanks to Nancy’s guidance and making PPW eating a way of life, not a diet.   At about that same time I decided that if I was going to train four days a week, then I was going to work hard and not just “show up” like I had been the previous year.  When you, Erin or Meagan suggest we pick up heavy weights, go for speed,  finish strong, etc. I do it.  Pretty simple, but it works for me!”

Are you disappointed? No magic pills, potions, 4 hour cardio sessions and starvation diets?

I would suggest that rather than disappointment you should be thrilled, because as Jayne has told me many times, if she can do it you can do it.

Do what exactly?

Train Hard.
Eat Right.
Be Consistent.
Finish Strong.

Sounds like a pretty good plan for 2014, wouldn’t you say?

Now Make It Happen!

Coach Dean

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