When Bad News Turns into Good

Claudia, one of our superstars in Epsom, had an incident last week but it didn’t slow her down one bit. She inspires those at 9AM and I’m sure she will inspire you too.


The Bad News Good News Fall
“Last week I was walking across my paved driveway looking at my mail when I tripped and fell over a piece of wood onto my knees, hands etc. I laid there for awhile in pain and then slowly got up. That is the Bad News. Good News is that very shortly I realized that I only had bruised my knees. (I am the one with hip replacements). The next day at bootcamp I told Nancy thank you. Without having built the strength I have from working out I am sure  things would have been worse. So thank you again for being here.” – Claudia


Claudia is living proof that the work you put in now pays off in more ways than you can count. We are all getting older, but you have the choice to get better. Thank you Claudia for sharing this not only with the ladies but with the entire Get Fit NH family,
Coach Nancy
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