Where Did Dave Go?

Dave B. has been a bedrock member of the 6:30am Concord training time since January of this year. He sent me this side-by-side of a picture taken about 6 months before he started with us and now.

I asked Dave this morning how much weight he had lost before he started training with us, and to my surprise he said he was within 5 pounds of his June 2010 weight when he first walked through our doors.

What you are looking at is 40pounds of body re-composition. We did not have the Intelametrix Bodyfat Tester when Dave started with us, but it is very clear in this picture and in person that Dave has lost well over 40 pounds of fat and added significant muscle, and he is not done yet – Pretty Good Start Indeed!

“Holy Moly!  Thanks coach Dean and CJ. I knew bootcamp was shaping me up but did not realize how much until my wife put these two photos together. I still have 40lbs to go but a pretty good start.”  – David Balshaw
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