Which 74 Do You Want to Be?

The other day I came across this74 picture on Facebook. This image is so powerful and it speaks 1,000 words with just one quick glance.

Why do we train?

Being a healthy weight is important, being strong has undeniable benefits, and looking and feeling good make us happier. Those are all great reasons to train. When we’re healthier, we’re happier and there is no doubt this world needs happier people! But when we reach our strength goals, weight goals, bodyfat goals, body image goals, etc- what keeps us going?

How about that picture? When I am 74 I want to look like the woman on the left. I want to put my grandchildren to shame one day with my deadlifts. I want to do pull ups in my seventies. In every single success session, I say, “Training is forever.” There is no end date for training. The day I stop training is the day I die and that should be your mindset. Don’t settle for less or else you will be the woman (or man!) on the right looking out the window thinking about what you could have done.

Raise your hand if you want to age more gracefully than that woman on the right. Raise your hand if you want to walk on your own two feet with no assistance from a cane, walker, or wheel chair for as long as possible. In most cases, the choice is yours. Make every second count. Train hard, eat well, recover and don’t skip days and weeks at a time!

Make it happen,
Coach Meagan

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