Who has earned their way into the spotlight?

Annmarie Timmins! Annmarie has been a fantastic addition to the Get Fit NH family. We are so blessed to have her train with us 4 hours a week. Annmarie is an incredibly hard worker and she always has a smile on her face! Her positive attitude and willingness to be patient and get better have served her well as she is conquering a lingering shoulder injury. I am proud of Annmarie for keeping her eyes on the prize. She has earned her way into the spotlight for her all around dedication toward bettering herself both during training and during the 164 hours per week where she is not with us. Here is what she has to say:

When I left my former career last year to return to school fulltime, I gave up my gym membership elsewhere and joined a local chain gym for $10annmarie a month. I figured I could save money and train myself. I was wrong. When I began looking for a new gym in September, I wanted a place that was supportive, serious about training, and fun. Get Fit NH was an easy choice.

I have been training with a persistent shoulder injury for months with modifications from Coach Meagan and Coach Adam. My goal was to maintain my weight during my toned-down training. Then I did the S3 challenge and saw my body change in ways I never expected just by pairing good nutrition and consistent training. I went from about 140 pounds to 135 and lost eight pounds of fat. Even better, my longtime allergy symptoms, migraines, and digestive ailments have completely resolved for the first time in my life.

I had thought I was eating pretty well before I did the S3 challenge. I already ate lots of raw veggies and good quality protein and was drinking loads of water. But I was also eating dessert daily, cereal for breakfast, and other foods that had hidden sugars. Once I cut those out, my body changed quickly. I feel better now at 46 than I ever have.

I’ll mark my one-year anniversary at Get Fit NH in September and am looking forward to renewing for another year. I like lots of things about Get Fit NH – the schedule, the training routines, the challenges – but it’s the coaches that make Get Fit NH extra special for me. They give me the perfect mix of motivation, support, and challenge.

Thank you for choosing to train with us, Annmarie! Keep making it happen!

-Coach Meagan

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