Who Has the Spotlight Today?

The spotlights are pouring in! Today I am proud to put the spotlight on Kara Hinck. Can I just say what a pleasure it has been to meet this woman? Her story is so cool. This was the first year that we accepted “outsiders” into the Get Fit NH family for our annual Sizzling Summer Slimdown Contest and let me tell you I am SO thankful we did, because that is why we got to meet Kara. She works so hard every day, never misses training and was incredibly successful on S3. It made my month when she shared that she would continue training with us after S3. This is what Kara had to say about her experience so far:

Kara has the yellow shirt and headband!

Kara has the yellow shirt and headband!

“My name is Kara Hinck and I am one of the people who signed up for the S3 program and training as a non-member. I had been thinking about going to Get Fit NH for quite a while now as many of my colleagues at Bow Memorial School are members and speak very highly of you all. I had even been following/stalking (I guess? ha ha) you on Facebook, trying to get up the nerve to join or at least do the two week trial. In fact, that’s how I heard about S3 and your willingness to open it up to non-members and was considering it even before I spoke to Muriel Hall about it. I had just had a health screening through work and my numbers were pretty lousy; the nurse made me feel like I wouldn’t even survive until June and suggested I call my doctor. Suddenly, there you were with S3! I figured I had to do something and the idea of medication/more  medication was not appealing. Therefore, you won.

So, here we are almost six weeks later. I’m down at least 14 lbs since I started and I feel so much better! I was probably a week into the program when I started to think/worry/obsess about what it would be like when it all ended. I love Meagan and Adam and have found them to be very helpful, knowledgeable, encouraging and kind people. I have not missed a class since I began and even attended the Memorial Day class which I also enjoyed. This is the first thing that I’ve done on a consistent basis, for myself, that is good for me since I had my kids. My oldest is turning 9 on Saturday! I guess it’s about time, huh?”

I am glad your time was now, Kara! I am SO proud of Kara. She has only been training 6 weeks and she has made THAT much progress. Just goes to show how much focus, hardwork, and consistency create fabulous results. Keep up the great work, Kara. I am PSYCHED to have you on board moving forward and I know the rest of your Get Fit Family and your fellow Bow Memorial School teachers are proud of you too!

Be like Kara and make it happen today!
Coach Meagan


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