Who is in the spotlight this week?

Hi All,

Coach Meagan here. I have new and exciting news! For the next few weeks I am going to be putting some of you in the “spotlight”.  I hope you have already noticed, but in case you haven’t, at Get Fit NH we really pride ourselves on being a family. In our family we believe it is crucial to celebrate each other when they achieve something great. Which is why over the next few weeks I am going to be sharing some “Win Stories.”

Starting with The Bucknam’s!

The Bucknam’s have been apart of the Get Fit NH family for over two years. I have had the joy of not only watching their bodies change drastically, but also watch their training ability sky rocket. I am so proud to coach this family. The Bucknam family is the perfect example of how having a solid support system impacts great success.

Check out this note Linda wrote last week:


I wanted to let you know that I thought today’s class was great and so glad to be back after our recovery week.

On another note,

I just wanted to say thank you for being such an amazing coach and motivator.  I had some doctor’s appointments over recovery and I am happy to say that I have lost weight, cholesterol is down 32 points, my sugar levels are great (I worry about these since my Mom is a diabetic) and all my other ultrasound and other tests came back negative.  My doctor was really happy with everything. I told him how I have been going to boot camp 4 days a week for 2 years now. bucknams

If it was not for Get Fit NH and its wonderful and encouraging staff, I would still be going to Planet Fitness (boring) and not seeing any results.  But between the classes, detox, summer slim down challenges it makes things fun and easier to understand why I am doing what I do by attending classes at Get Fit NH.  I feel better, stronger and healthier.  I have also made some great friends at the gym.  I also love when I train with my husband and daughter.  I know that Lindsay wishes she could do it all year round but do to college and lacrosse it is impossible.  But I know once she graduates from college she will be joining me.  I also appreciate your support with Mark and his back issues and with trying to find ways to help him get better and stronger.

Thank you again for pushing me, you’re smiling face and energy.

See you on Thursday,


I am so proud of Mark, Linda, and Lindsay. This is a family that does not let anything get in the way of their goals. They consistently make it to training 4 days a week and they have results to show they’ve been making it happen on the training floor and in the kitchen. Great job guys!

Keep making it happen,

Coach Meagan

P.S.: If you have a win to celebrate please share it with us!

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