Yesterday Does Not Determine Today

Have you ever had one of those days where you were just totally off track? You missed training, you forgot your lunch so you made poor choices to cope and since you ate like crap you might as well polish of a Ben n’ Jerry’s and call it a day? We have all had those days. Those days suck. Those days are dangerous. Having that kind of day isn’t the end of your results so don’t throw in the towel! Leaving yourself in that rut could be detrimental to your results, i dont feel sorry for myselfthough. There is a saying written up on the wall (or ceiling in Epsom!) that says, “I don’t feel sorry for myself.”

I love this saying. Do you know how many days I have to tell myself this? Maybe I was compliant all week and then WHAT? The scale went up!? SCREW THIS! I’m having pizza! Your Get Fit Family and your coaches are here for you on those days where you just cannot get out of your own way and those days that you are ready to throw the towel in, because your compliance didn’t give you immediate feedback. Giving in and feeling sorry for yourself is certainly not going to take you where you are trying to go. An off day should not trickle into the next day and the next day.

Reality check time- Is there somewhere you need to improve? Have you let an off day turn into a bad habit? What bad habit are you kicking today and how can we help?

Let us help you pick yourself up and try, try again,
Coach Meagan

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