Yoga Is Coming!

The rumors are all true, yoga is coming! We have found a fantastic yoga instructor who is SO much more than just a yoga instructor. She aligns beautifully with all that Get Fit NH believes in. She understands that yoga compliments a strength training program.

So ladies and gentlemen, meet Nicole Detallis. Nicole is a Master Fascial Fitness Trainer, Functional Movement Educator and a Yoga Teacher! We are so excited to bring her expertise to Get Fit NH.

At this time she will be offering yoga every Sunday from 9am-10am beginning February 17, 2019. She will skip February 24, 2019 (school vacation week!) and resume each Sunday on March 3, 2019.

The class on February 17, 2019 is FREE. This class is open to you as well as any others you wish to drag along ☺ Each class after February 17th is $10 per person. You do not have to sign up ahead of time, you can just show up!

We understand that this time table will not work for everyone. At this time it is the only time that works for her schedule and ours. We do plan to offer workshops in the future with Nicole.

We look forward to your feedback after meeting her


Make it happen,

Coach Meagan

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