You ARE Making It Happen!

“Guess what!?! I went shopping this morning….I bought size 18 pants! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! I was wearing size 22 before I met you and Get Fit NH!!!!!” – Lisa 6:15 EpsomLisa

“I went shopping and saw a cute pair of Size 6. I bought them because they fit. I wasn’t even shopping for me.” – Doreen 9am Epsom

Doreen M


“Physical results. As I have been saying for several years I wanted to reduce the number of meds I take. Today I am off the triglyceride med since I have lost the weight, exercise like we do and the nutrition plan we follow. Also cut the blood pressure med in half and may cut the Lipitor in half once labs are back. So once again I am grateful for the tools you have given us to work with!” – Greg
Judy and Greg


“100 points down on cholesterol!” – Claudia 9am Epsom
CLaudia at 3

“By the way, I cheated a bit last night (Sunday) by eating something I should not have eaten (2 chocolate chip cookies – obviously loaded with additives and sugar), and I woke up with a horrific migraine headache this morning.  Prior to my down-fall with those darn cookies, I have not eaten anything with additives for the last 5 weeks.  Five weeks also coincides with me not having any migraine headaches.  This is unprecedented, since I have suffered from migraine headaches usually a couple of times a week prior to getting off sugar and additives.  This has been going on for the last 25 years!

I assure you….. I’ve learned a valuable lesson:  Those 2 cookies were not worth the pain I suffered from a migraine this morning.  Here I thought I had to live with a migraine for the rest of my life, but I now feel that I have a means of controlling it.  I am encouraged and hopeful.

P.S.  On the subject of additives, I’ve read recently that additives can cause depression. I am not surprised if some of your readers may be interested in that subject matter.” – Emy 9 am Epsom

(I’d love to post Emy’s picture so you know who to say thank you for inspiring you, but imagine that, it was fuzzy. I’ll do better on taking pictures or letting someone else take the pictures! Thank you Emy!)

“Success is not a reward……. It’s a consequence.” Coach Dick Vermeil

Consistent action taken each day produces results. So continue to make it happen to you.

To your Best Health,

Coach Nancy



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