You Just Never Know

Paula is 2years strongIn the middle of March, Paula from the 9am ladies in Epsom, had heart surgery. We all miss her and wish her well. It was wonderful to hear from her last week. She wasn’t thinking of herself but of you.

Yes, that’s right, she just had major surgery and she is thinking of encouraging you.

Here’s what Paula had to say:

“Thank you for the card, which means I am home, got released last Wed.  Everything went well and now its just the slow road of recovery.  Of which I want to thank you for Get Fit NH’s strong beneficial influence.  You are free to share with other clients, since none of us ever know for sure when and why we might need surgery, but all the little things we do in class which help with balance and strength which might seem minor or insignificant at the time but has shown already to be a major bonus to my healing.  All the nurses from the ICU to the cardiac ward, were very impressed with my immediate balance and control and even my breathing exercises.  You know I never thought that every time you made us get off the floor without using our hands, would be so important to me now that I have to get in and out of the recliner and bed without bearing any weight on my arms, for the next 4 to 6 weeks.

So for all those folks who focus on the stuff that creates the 6packs, they should realize how important everything you teach us comes into play.  Thank you again, and eventually when I get back I may never get to do a true chin up, but at least now my breathing should be able to keep up with my muscle strength, and that will allow me to finally push 100%.  Yeah!!!!!!!!” – Paula

Paula, I have faith that you will make it happen on the chin bar. I can’t wait to see you as soon as your doctor’s give the go ahead. Until then your Get Fit NH family will do whatever you need doing. – Coach Nancy



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