Styku Scan Day February 2023

Our next Styku Scan Day  is Saturday, February 11th from 7am - 9am! If you want to check in on your progress and get some direction to get back on track then make sure you book a time HERE! You must select and show up to the time you book. If they fill up then I will open up more times through the 9 o'clock hour. 

When you click the calendar link just select "styku scan" and then you will be able to pick a time. Be sure to be on time for your selected appointment as we are trying to avoid a line. Please respect the 10-minute block too so we can keep everyone's appointment flowing. If you need additional time then we can schedule a time to meet outside of that window.

If you are not able to make it, please shoot me an email at to get a date on the books for YOU!

The Stkyu scanner provides us with in depth information about your lean mass, fat mass and inches! We can also gather information about how much you should be eating to maximize your results.

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