Personal Training in a Group Setting

Get Fit NH has a very unique way of coaching 20+ clients at the same time. People often ask how it’s possible to be considered “personal training” with so many people in one class…

Well team, I’m here to show you a prime example. Let’s take the TRX push up as an example since that is what is captured on video. We don’t expect every person to be at the same fitness level. We also understand that some people are working through aches, pains and injures and will likely need modifications. 

Here is a great example showing three strong, healthy clients progressing the TRX push up by elevating their feet. This was not the standard exercise for the day, but these guys and gals were up for the challenge.

Fast forward to an incredibly strong client, Allie. On Monday, Allie was pulling 525 pounds on sled, but in THIS exercise, we are working on her elbow range as she tends to hyperextend her joints. Same exercise, different focus.

In a quick clip, you’ll see Katie. Katie is less than 3 months post op from a major surgery in her upper body. Katie is focus hard on stabilizing and working through a comfortable range of motion.

And finally, you’ll see Robin, Ingrid, Meg and John all doing TRX chest press as prescribed in the training for the day.

At Get Fit NH, we meet you where you’re at.

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Coach Mike Gives Props to Jack Kovar 

I’d like to throw some praise for Jack Kovar.  What do average teens nowadays do?  Play video games, scroll through social media and who knows what else! 

Not this kid.  Jack pushes himself in the gym 100% of the time. He is really pushing himself and progressing.  It’s awesome to see.  After class he was the only one to do a finisher and he completed it! 10 second sprint on ski ERG, then 10 push-ups for 10 rounds.  Unreal.  Strong.  I love coaching this kid.

Do you know any younger individuals that need more time being active? GetFitNH can help with that! 

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Why do we train farmers carry?

Farmers carry is one of the most functional exercises we can perform. We are always picking things up, carrying and placing them down. We train these to help with real life tasks such as groceries, babies, yard work, etc.

It’s important to train fundamental movements that mimic daily activities!

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Shoutout To Nancy!

HUGE shoutout to Nancy for losing 30+ pounds!

Nancy has been a dedicated 8:30am client and has clearly been putting in the work! The smile on her face says it all, she is absolutely glowing and we are extremely proud of what she has already accomplished! Excited to watch you on your journey as you continue to crush your goals one by one! Way to go Nancy!! 

Benefits Of A Dynamic Warmup

 Adding in a dynamic warm up will help you prepare for strength training by:

👉 increasing blood flow to the muscles

 👉increasing functional mobility

👉maximizing available flexibility of the body for activity

👉helping your brain engage with your body

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Coaches Being Coached

Being a Coach goes beyond working with clients. Coaches learn from other coaches in order to expand their knowledge. We want to give a big shoutout to Coach Dylan for obtaining his Level 2 strength and conditioning certification and Coach Tyler obtaining his Level 1 strength and conditioning certification! They are both very excited to apply what they have learned through this continued education to better coach you all!

60lbs Down In Less Than 1 Year Of Training!

Brittany is unstoppable!!! We are so grateful to be a part of her journey and watch her move her tile over to 60 pounds lost! Her one year anniversary with Get Fit NH is next month! Brittany's dedication to herself has inspired so many along the way and continues to do so. Seeing what she has accomplished with a year's time, is truly amazing! We can’t wait to see her journey continue!

Protein Packed, Low Carb Spaghetti & Meatball

BRACE YOURSELF because I’m about to make your life so much better!!!

I found a DRY spaghetti squash with spaghetti squash as the ONE ingredient! It cooks in about 5 minutes. I came across this by accident scrolling through Walmart app. I was looking for frozen spaghetti squash and then THIS came up and I decided to give it a go!

It’s so good, the consistency is normal and even better than the frozen version.

I’m a busy person and lazy when it comes to cooking. I like to be prepped as quickly as I can, so there is NO chance I’m cooking an actual spaghetti squash and scraping out the noddles. No, no, and NO thanks! 

I added some marinara sauce and chopped up some Shady Brook Farm turkey sausage. This meal was delish! 10/10 recommend. Let me know if you try it and thank me later!

When I’m injured, should I workout?

Dr. Ross Childs is our on-site PT! Raise your hand if you have been seen by him?

We refer to him as the wizard and the miracle worker. He’s incredibly knowledgeable.

Below is a video from Dr. Childs that answers the most common question, "When I'm injured, should I workout?" 

If you have ever had an injury and been worried about working out OR if you KNOW someone with an injury who is worried to workout this video will give you the information you need! 

Sled Pushes Straight Arms vs Bent Arms 

 Arms straight is beneficial for acceleration simply due to the bigger stride length.

Arms bent gives you better leverage from a more tight, compact position allowing you to push heavier loads due to a shorter stride/range of motion, giving you a mechanical advantage.

Yes it’s possible to push heavy loads with arms straight, but the key is to maintain a neutral spine, most people end up dropping their neck and rounding their back to use their bodyweight as an advantage to push.

Key Takeaways:

  • Aways maintain a neutral spine
  • Arms straight is better for acceleration/speed
  • Bent arms is better for heavy loads
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