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December 2019 recovery week and schedule afterwords!

Holiday reminder alert!!!  For those of you who might have forgotten our recovery week is right around the corner (and by corner I mean in like a week).  During the week of December 23rd through December 27th we will not be having any classes.   Recovery weeks are extremely important to long term training, for more information on why we take recovery weeks please check out the video below.  As well as what you should be looking to do during your recovery week in the second video!  

Additionally!  When we return our schedule will be somewhat different for many of you, we return to training on Monday December 30th, that day will be a full training schedule as normal.  However the next day, Tuesday December 31st (New years Eve) we will only be having MORNING classes.  Afternoon clients please feel free to drop into morning classes on that day.  Just as a reminder morning training times are as follows; 5am, 6:10am, 7:20am, 8:30am (ladies only), and 11am.  Schedule will then return to normal Thursday January 2nd, have a great holiday season everyone!

Coach Adam

Show up, Step up, Stick it up, Share it Cards

Just a reminder that the cards you have been working so hard on are due next Friday, December 20, 2019. We will pull THREE cards on Saturday, December 21, 2019. The first card picked will get $300 cash, the second card picked will get $100 cash and the third card picked will get $50 cash. 

Qualified cards will have the front filled in with 50 coach initials for a 4 day clients, 40 coach initials for 3 day client and 25 coach initials for a 2 day client. The back will be initialed by a coach for all three sections for all 4 months. 

We are looking forward to giving away some cash money just for staying committed through holiday season!

Coach Meagan

New Years Day Mindset Rejuvenation Yoga with Nel Norwesh

January 1, 2020 falls on a Wednesday this year! Normally, we do a big New Years at Noon sweat fest, but since that doesn't quite align with our training system, we thought we would take a different route. This year we asked our fantastic yoga instructor, Nel, to lead a yoga class focused on mindset rejuvenation. 

If you have not taken a class with Nel yet then you are seriously missing out. She has soothing and relaxing tone about her. I joke that she sounds like she should be on a mediation soundtrack. She has a unique and calming voice along with the most perfect amount of pizazz and silly. She offers several variations to accommodate beginners as well as push the regulars. There is no wrong in yoga with Nel. 

We would like to invite you and your guests to join us free of charge on Wednesday, January 1, 2020 at 10am. Come and get focused on the new year and new opportunities that come with it. We want to pack the room with positive energy and vibes.

Mark your calendars!

Coach Meagan

A Lesson in Failure

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, failure is the mother of all success, and it’s true. Within our lives we will fail over and over again. Whether that’s losing a sports game, failing a test in school, or just not being able to do something for the first time. We all experience failure in some aspect or capacity. But the most important thing is how we grow from it. 

The next time you come in to train don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone and try something new. Even though you may not be able to complete the workout progression or do a full rep. If you are willing to fail and push yourself, you will be better because of it. The next time we do push-ups, try it with less pads, or even no pads. If we are working out with weights, try picking something heavier that you don’t usually use. If we are working on TRX rows and the progression is jumping chins, try starting with the jumping chins. Even if you only do one rep, or can’t stick with the progression or weight for the whole time. 

It’s also important to note that not being able to do something is not a bad thing. All of us have various levels of fitness experience and each of us have our own goals. This fitness journey is not a short road, but a long one. You must have patience and consistency. Just because you can’t do something today, doesn’t you mean you will never be able to. The important thing is that you keep trying. If you are challenging your body you will eventually get stronger over time and be able to progress.  Remember this next time you come in to workout. Sometimes in order to succeed you must first fail. This is my challenge to you.

Make it Happen,

Coach Dylan

Attention! Having a bad day or ever had a bad day? This one is for you.

Are you having a bad day? Believe it or not, there is actually a lot you can do to get yourself out of it! Can we control everything that happens to us? Of course we can't, all we can do is control how we react to the things that do. Often this will not only help pull us out of a bad day, but it can actually, in many cases, avoid that pile on. Lets say for example you’re having a bad day, it just seems like you cant get out of your own way, you wake up late, you’re out of coffee, you forgot you were low on gas, your toast burns, ect. ect. So what happens next? You’re flying to get to work, you look down for half a second and look up and…there’s the car that was just 3 car lengths ahead…BOOM. Its nothing major (hopefully) but now you pile that on top of it, you finally get to work, you either want to bite someone’s head off because you’re so angry, or you let it consume you and you get nothing done. Either way you end up piling more stress on yourself based on what’s happened. So now lets think back…what would have happened? What would have happened if you woke up, say you were late and took a deep breath and just thought with a calm mind? Maybe you remember there’s coffee at work so you don’t need to stop, maybe you
remember you have leftovers you can bring with you so you don’t have to take the time to eat getting out of the house. Heck, maybe you realize you’re going to be late so you just accept it and take a deep breath driving calmly and carefully to work, where you accomplish more because all that other stress is not weighing on you. We all have bad days, but we also tend to not see the forest through the trees, we see the avalanche of unlucky things happening thinking we have no control over them. Some things you do, some things you don’t, which is why it's so important to not let things pile up. When you get that feeling of “WHAT'S NEXT, what ELSE is going to go wrong today?” That is usually your first sign you need to take a deep breath and allow yourself to think. So take a breath, exhale slow, and pull out of it!

Coach Adam

We are open!

We are open for all afternoon classes 12/2 

We are open for all morning and afternoon classes 12/3

See you soon!


Get Fit NH Annual Spirit Week

The holiday season is officially in full force, people! I LOVE December! There are so many special moments shared amongst friends, family and colleagues and I just love sharing those times with everyone. We will share laughter and memories at our holiday party on Saturday, December 14th at the Red Blazer and then on Monday,December 16th we will get into the spirit as we head into the last FULL training week of 2019. 

We have had a spirit week the week before Christmas recovery week for a few years and the tradition shall go on. So, while you are out and about keep an eye out...

Monday, December 16th: Holiday Headgear! Santa hats, elf ears, reindeer antlers, etc

Tuesday, December 17th: Tacky Holiday T Shirts! You know? The crazy cat tied up in Christmas tree lights....that one.

Thursday, December 19th: Holiday PJs! 

Friday, December 20th: Fun, Festive Socks! Or if you are really in the spirit then wear ALL of it and enjoy the best training of the whole year!

I am super bummed to miss spirit week this year! This is my favorite week of the year for so many reasons. The spirit, the training, the energy....all of it is so special. This year I will be recovering from surgery. The kind of surgery that solidifies my family of 5! Can I get an amen?

I know you'll make it happen,

Coach Meagan

Move Your Body

You all know how important it is to workout and the many benefits it provides us. One thing that can get overlooked in our health is just staying active. Yes, being active! You might think you are already active in your daily activities and it may be true. But really think about how much time you spend moving. If your job requires you to be working at a desk or sitting for extended periods of time we aren’t active. Then when we get home we go through our routine and eat dinner and relax on the couch. We aren’t moving much there either. For most of us, we need to make sure we can keep our bodies engaged and moving. Training is a great way to get moving, but I’m talking about the time we spend outside the gym. 

So how can you be more active? The simple answer, just move more, as much as you can. Take some time when you get home to go for a walk. Walking is a very underrated form of exercise. Though it may not be as intense as a normal workout, it still counts as moving your body! Maybe do that house chore or yard work you have been putting off. Heck, clean up your room a little. If you enjoy playing sports, try joining a club or league. I try to play pickup basketball whenever I can. Maybe on the weekend, go for a hike on a beautiful day. Even going skiing or snowboarding is a workout in itself.

 The possibilities are endless! The key is to find something you enjoy doing that requires you to be active. It can be a hobby your passionate about or any recreational activity. The fact is that the more active we can be in our daily lives, the healthier we will be because of it.  

Make it Happen,

Coach Dylan

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