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FREE Nutrition Course

I am SUPER excited to share my new nutrition class with you. For those of you who have been paying attention, I shared that one of my goals this year is to create free e-books and courses for our clients and followers.

There is SO MUCH information out there and it can be really challenging to sort through it all and determine what is right for YOU.

We are not Registered Dietician's and we are not qualified to prescribe specific meal plans for various health concerns. What we DO know is science. We understand how the body operates and we understand what we need to fuel it for fat loss for the general population. 

 If you want a copy of the slides and handouts just shoot me a message with "HANDOUTS"  otherwise enjoy my very first free course! Make sure you follow our journey as they will only get better from here!

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5 Exercises to Help Low Back Pain and Cranky Hips

5 stretches you can do today to help your cranky hips and tight low back. Check out the super quick YouTube video for full demo.

* Band-resisted hip flexor stretch

* Band resisted cat/camel

* Feet elevated belly breathing

* Box pigeon stretch

* Foot elevated hip flexor stretch

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Get Fit NH Sculpting Results

For the last 5 years Sarah has been one of my best friends, my office manager at Get Fit NH and she is now joining me in my pursuit to grow the Sculpting side of Get Fit NH.

This adventure took off WAY hotter than I expected and there was no way I’d be able to sustain the demand so Sarah is now fully certified and ready to rock!

We are only taking on SIX new clients (each) for the next 6 weeks! Once those spots are full we will add a waitlist for the next round. This is to be sure we have enough openings for everyone who in treatment. This means full results just in time for SUMMER👏

3 Must Try Core Exercises

Who doesn't love a good core challenge?

 Here are 3 of my favorite core exercises to add to the end of my workout

 * Medball Hollow Body Tosses x 10 reps

* Medball V Ups x10

* Medball leg lifts x10

 **Bonus if you can transition one to the next with no break**

 Repeat x3 

The best exercise to protect your back when lifting

The number one concern when clients start lifting is keeping their back safe! Good news, that is also OUR main concern. That's why we do exercises that teach you how to engage your core. That translates into major lifts like deadlifts, squats, and even push-ups and pull-ups! 

Coach Chloe helps me demonstrate how to set up and brace in a deadbug. The video below is a super cute video, but let me make sure I get my point across here. 

 When you set up in a deadbug:

 *Your entire body is locked in. Like if I walked by and pushed you in one direction or the other your body would tip over together

 *If I pulled on your leg or arm, I shouldn’t be able to move it freely

 * Your ribs are tucked so hard that if I came and pushed on your abdomen it would be rock solid

 It’s easy to be passive through a deadbug, but they are probably one of the best exercises to teach you how to brace and engage which carries over to all major lifts. If you want to keep your back safe when you lift, then you better take deadbugs seriously! Check out the video below 

Muscle Soreness Does Not Equal Results

Have you ever had one of those workouts that left you feeling drenched in sweat, slightly nauseous, and oddly accomplished?

Yeah me too. They suck while you’re doing them, but they give you this odd sense of accomplishment when it’s over. Often times your body feels a little beat up or extra sore the next few days and that validates a job well done and results, right?

Well, not quite. Don’t get me wrong, those workouts have their place. They are fine to do sometimes, but our goal at Get Fit NH is to give you great training that you can recover from.

Why is that?

Let’s break it down to really understand the results.  The 80-10-10 rule…

10% of the time you come in and you annihilate the training. You hit a PR, the weights feel light, and you’re just on fire

10% of the time you are massively dragging. Like you totally bribed yourself to get to the gym, you slug through, every weight feels like a cinder block and quite frankly, you’re just going through the motions…but you did it.

80% of the time though…this is where results live. 80% of the time you come in, you put your best foot forward, you leave and you come back recovered so you can do it again. Consistency wins results.

Do you think if you have training after training of PRs or barely being able to walk or laying on the floor trying not to puke you would come back feeling recovered and ready to hit another training? I’ll give a hard no on that one. It feels good to get a tough training in every now and then and see how your consistent effort is paying off, but it’s not sustainable in the long-term game.

On the flip side, make the most out of the time you are here. Understanding that not all days will be your best and some days you may be low energy, but those shouldn’t be most days. If it is most days then make sure you grab a coach so we can talk about external factors that may be affecting your performance. Nutrition, sleep, and stress management all play a role in results.

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Referral Challenge Details

We are excited to finish off first quarter with a referral challenge! 

Our existing referral reward

Every person that you refer and signs up to train with Get Fit NH earns you $50 cash and earns them $50 off their first month. We hand out referral rewards quarterly.

From now through March 24th we are going to sweeten the deal for you

  • Refer 1 person: $50 plus an entry to win a paddle board or kayak (your choice upon winning)
  • Refer 2 people: $100 plus 3 entries to win a paddle board or kayak
  • Refer 3 people: $150 plus 5 entries to win a paddle board or kayak
  • Refer 4 people: $200 plus your choice of a paddle board or kayak (no entry required)

Here are three ways to generate referrals

  • Share on social media/tag us (links are below in my signature if you're not already following us)
  • Chat with your people about things in your life that have become easier since training 
  • Share your wins or interesting posts/articles we write and invite them for a session (give us a heads up, but we never turn down visitors!)

MANY of you have referred already this year and because I love you....I am going to throw you into the raffle now to motivate you to KEEP SHARING and thank you! 

One more thing, because if you know me then you know I love to overshare 🙂

The last couple of years we have put a huge emphasis on growth as we worked hard to recover our numbers from COVID. We have achieved that goal. This year we are not focused on the massive growth in client numbers. We are happy with our current number and wish to maintain that. We will be asking for referrals more often rather than our "offer" type of emails that generated interest and growth.

Our goal this year is to improve your experience. To make sure that happens, I decided to start by investing massively in my team so that they have the tools to be the most valuable coach they can be. I am taking them all to Dallas, TX next month for a huge conference/continuing education called 'Raise the Bar"  We are looking forward to growing professionally and getting some fresh ideas from some of the most elite coaches in the industry. We do not take this job lightly and we are committed to continuous growth. This team travel will impact a couple of training days, but we are working on a plan for that to make sure you don't miss time in the gym! More deets to come on that!

Thank you for being a part of the ride

Voting season is HERE

It's the most wonderful time of the year! We can't be the best without YOU! Help us spread the good word, kicking off this voting season with Hippo Best Of Awards. We have won the best of the best title for best gym in NH AND best fitness instructor for 14  years! Can you help us make it 15????

The Hippo Best of awards require you to vote for 15 categories to count your vote. We are asking for two of those 15! You can nominate so many other amazing local businesses through your clicks. Know that your vote helps us extend our reach and gain exposure to the outside world. This helps our business grow which ultimately helps our team grow and improve their skills. Most importantly, it is sharing the good word of health and happiness. The world needs more of that.

Here are the two categories we would love your help with:

15. Best workout space: Get Fit NH Concord, NH

105. Butt-kicking-est fitness instructor: Ashley Daigle Get Fit NH Concord, NH

We appreciate your support. Now let's make sure we hold onto the title!