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Advanced Stength & Power Class is BACK

This time with a coaching twist, but the same fantastic personal programming. Check it out...

Coach Adam ran and grew this class over the last several years. He fine-tuned it so well that we were able to pick up where he left off and keep his program alive. This is an 8-week program run on Saturday mornings only for those of you looking to up your game and work on some things that aren't possible in a large group setting.

Here's what you can expect:

  • 8 weeks of personal programming delivered right to your cell phone via an app called TrueCoach each Saturday. 
  • This is a small group offering which means we are only taking 20 clients for the 8-week program over a 3-hour block each Saturday. This program is self-paced so you can show up anytime between 6 am and 8 am on Saturday to complete your training. The coaches will be there until 9 am for you to complete your training. 
  • You can expect the training to take you 1-1.5 hours to complete.
  • You can expect sprint variations, sleds variations, medball conditioning, and more focused strength work than what you typically experience in the large group setting. 
  • This is run completely different than our large group personal training as it is not coach lead from start to finish. It is COACHED, but it is self-lead using he app from warm-up to finish.
  • We expect to have 1-2 coaches on the floor and 4 of us will cycle through throughout the 8 weeks 

Who is this program best suited for?

  • This is a great opportunity to build confidence in your strength and push your limits. I guarantee participation in this class will up your game in the large group personal training program you may already be apart of.
  • Get Fit NH clients and followers and welcome to sign up for this class
  • This program is best suited for someone who wants to get stronger

Who is the program not for?

  • Someone who does not have access to a device to use the TrueCoach app in training
  • Someone who has never lifted. Our group personal training is a great starting place though!

 This program begins Saturday, October 8, 2022, and will run through Saturday, November 26, 2022, with a makeup date offered on Saturday, December 3rd. The cost for all 8 weeks is $318

Balanced Eating=Healthy Life & Mind

In life we experience get-togethers, parties, holidays, celebrations, work, vacations, going
out on a spontaneous dinner date, etc. When these events come up, there is no need to
panic. We can enjoy ourselves, while still being in control of our food and the choices we
Plan ahead:
1. If you are going out to dinner:
a. Select a place that you know offers healthy meals
b. Look up the menu ahead of time to avoid stress or quick decisions
c. While looking at a menu, be mindful of meal descriptions
i. Choose grilled over fried
ii. Choose roasted/steamed or sautéed over fried
iii. Choose healthy sides: vegetables or salad

2. Going to a party? :
a. Offer to bring a side dish or main course. Something you know is a healthy
option for YOU.
i. Vegetable platter, fruit platter, meatballs, chicken skewers, etc.
ii. Otherwise, choose your best options. Protein source first, then
healthy sides. Use your hand to help judge proper portion sizes

3. Travelling?
a. Pack healthy snacks or meal prep:
i. Jerky, mixed nuts, tuna packets, protein bars/chips, cottage cheese,
yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, etc.

BALANCE should be incorporated into everyone’s life as well! This means have some
sweets, have a slice of pizza, go out for that ice cream. It is OKAY to have these things. No
food is bad or good, its just food is food! You can fit any food into your daily calories and
still hit your goals! Always plan ahead and know that you are in control of your choices!

Labor Day Charity Training and Recovery Week Change

Can't believe we are talking about the end of summer already- so sad, yet so exciting! We have so many cool things scheduled from now through the end of the year. We look forward to sharing them with you.

We MOVED our September recovery week to space out the weeks more evenly. It was scheduled for the week of September 5th and it has MOVED to the week of September 26th. 

We will be open for ONE class on Labor Day which is Monday, September 5 2022. We will dedicate this training to Best Buddies NH. At this point, many of you know that I have a super soft spot for Best Buddies NH and I love to support their mission of INCLUSION .You are welcome to bring kids, friends or family to this training. We just ask that with your attendance you consider making a small donation to Best Buddies. Our last charity training we raised over $1000 which was COMPLETELY unexpected and SUPER cool.

This year my buddy Ian and I are running for Champion of the Year. This is a HUGE fundraiser for Best Buddies. I have partnered with him in hopes that we can work together to raise as much money as possible between now and November. With that being said, we will likely do one more event between this event and November. We hope to see you there! If you are unable to attend, but wish you donate you can use our unique link or contribute to our cash jar at the gym!

Sugar Free Me Coming in HOT

Raise your hand if you have been living your best life this summer???

  • Too much freedom from your regular routine
  • Too many BBQs with all of the goodies
  • Too much alcohol
  • Lack of focus on meal prep and follow through
  • Less focus on your training and movement

 Heyyyy, whatever the case may be, I can promise you that you are in good company! 

That's why we are rolling out Sugar-Free Me on Monday, September 12. Think of it as a 3 week cleanse, except take away any of those funky drinks and pills and just substitute those with whole foods. Let's make a commitment to take away all of the junky stuff for 3 whole weeks, just to bring us back to baseline. It is not expected that you never have treats, but if you are like me and overindulged this summer then join me in this mental reset!

We will include 

  • A list of foods to fuel with
  • A list of foods to avoid
  • Code words for SUGAR to look out for on labels
  • A private Facebook group with daily motivation and check-ins
  • 21 super simple and sugar-free recipes

The cost of this is only $21. A dollar a day to quite literally put your money where your mouth is

Basic Macronutrient Breakdown

Macronutrients, typically referred to as macros, are carbohydrates, protein and fat. Macros are called macronutrients because we need them in large amounts, compared to micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), which we need in smaller amounts. The Food and Nutrition Board and National Academy of Sciences created the acceptable macronutrient distribution ranges (AMDR), which is the recommended amount of each macronutrient providing enough of the essential nutrients and reducing risk of chronic disease. The recommended ranges are: Carbs 45%-65%, protein 10%-35% and fat 20%-35% of total daily calories. These ranges are given to be able to be specific for each individual. Depending on sex, training type, goals and eating lifestyle, each macronutrient percentage of total daily calories will vary. 

Regardless of macros/total daily calories, it is important to have balanced meals. Using a guide like the Healthy Eating Plate is a good way to see how a balanced meal will look.


Triple Fudge Air Fryer Protein Cookies 

(1 serving)

¼ c oat flour

2 tbs chocolate protein powder

1 tbs unsweetened cocoa powder

1 tbs PB2

¼ + 1/8 tsp baking powder

2 tbs 0% Greek yogurt

2 tbs unsweetened almond milk

¾ oz chocolate chips


  1. In a bowl, combine all ingredients, except for chocolate chips. Continue to add 1 tsp of milk at a time if batter is too dry.

  2. Line a small pale with parchment paper. Transfer batter onto plate and form into a cookie shape. 

  3. Top cookie batter with chocolate chips.

  4. Gently slide parchment paper and cookie into air fryer.

Cook at 275 for 7 minutes and enjoy! 

 Calories: 274

Protein: 18.5

Carbs: 34.5

Fat: 13

Coach Ashley

Food & Mindset

So many of us have a negative mindset toward food. You might not even think you feel negatively toward food until you stop to think about it. Which I encourage you to do. Ask yourself these questions:


  • Do you have a “cheat day”?

  • Do you sometimes feel guilty after you eat something?

  • Do you have foods that are off-limits?

  • Do you overeat without realizing it?

  • Do you use food as a reward?


If you answered yes to any of the above then you might not have as great a relationship with food as you think. You might not think that there is anything wrong with having a cheat day but the issue lies in the mindset. Because when you think about it, cheating on anything isn’t exactly positive. And feeling guilty about eating something doesn’t project a positive relationship with food either. But our relationship with food doesn’t have to be that way.

Food can be enjoyable, fun and fuel, but not a problem solver. And certainly, it’s not meant to comfort or soothe emotions. But unfortunately, that is how so many of us use food and we become trapped in that negative food mindset. Part of changing how we think about food is changing how we think about ourselves.

Tips to help create a healthy mindset:

1. Learn your triggersChanging how we think about food means identifying what triggers us to eat emotionally or to unnecessarily overeat. It can take some time to identify exactly what our triggers are but it’s very important to do so. By identifying our triggers we can learn to deal with the trigger without involving food. But by ignoring triggers we turn to our emotions and fall back into the same habit. I recommend keeping a food journal to track your emotional eating habits. In your journal track the following:

  • What conversations are you having before a food binge?

  • What people typically surround a food binge or emotional eating?

  • What emotions am I feeling?

  • Where am I when feel triggered to eat emotionally or binge?

2. Focus on food as fuelCreating a positive mindset toward food means remembering the role food is supposed to play in our lives. And that is to fuel our bodies. It’s easy to forget that foods primary purpose isn’t to simply taste good and fill our stomachs, it is used to give us the energy to go about our lives.

Practice shifting your mindset while grocery shopping. When choosing each item, decide whether or not the item is something that will nourish and fuel your body or whether it simply tastes good. Then decide if the item really belongs in your cart or not. Regular practice of this exercise will not only change how you look at food, but it will change what and how you eat too. 

3. Cook your own foodCooking your own food will keep you on track and assure you that you are eating both a balanced and clean meal. Cooking creates a strong connection between you and food. Start in control of your choices!

-Coach Ashley

Hate V.S. Hard

Ever hear someone say, “I hate this exercise.” Why do they use the word hate? Hate is used in place of hard frequently. When something is hard, it is challenging and many people don’t like the feeling of going beyond their comfort zone and being challenged. 

When you tell yourself you hate a particular exercise, it immediately impacts your mindset negatively. It makes you dread the movement; makes you want to find the easiest way to complete it or maybe even avoid it entirely. Where will that get you? 

Instead of approaching an exercise that you find challenging, replace the word hate with hard. Doing this will give you a growth mindset, one that understands the exercise not going to be easy, but at the same time knows that you are strong enough to complete it. This is how you grow! 

Get outside of your comfort zone and find the courage to try those hard exercises. Once you realize your abilities, your confidence will boost and you will want to continue to challenge yourself with the HARD exercises. 

-Coach Ashley  

Get Fit NH Charity Training Coming in Hot

We are SUPER excited to bring back charity training! We have not felt comfortable doing these for the last few years due to obvious reasons, but with a new space and overhead doors that open for fresh air flow, we feel REALLY good about bringing this back.

Many of you know that I have a soft spot for Best Buddies NH. I participated in the champion of the year event in 2020 and my Best Buddy and I managed to come in 3rd place raising nearly $12,000!

This year I am teaming up with another Best Buddy, Ian! We are committed to raising as much money as we can through community driven events between now and November!

This event only costs $10 to attend! We encourage you to bring friends and family from the community to help us make the biggest impact we can. 100% of proceeds will go toward our campaign .

We will be accepting cash or checks made out to Best Buddies NH with a memo of Meagan and Ian Champion of the Year Campaign

You can also donate using our unique link here

Let us know on our Facebook event if you plan to come and share, share, share!

Body and Mind Transformation Contest Sign Ups are OPEN

We are excited to roll out our annual Sizzling Summer Slimdown Body and Mind Transformation contest.

We have been running this challenge for 12 years and every year we try and make it a little better than the year before! This year we are adding a new element with a huge emphasis on MINDSET. 

Why? Because most of us know what we should be eating, but it's our mind that sets us back over and over again. So we are going to put some work in there through structured journaling!

Here's what you're going to get:

  • 5 weeks of nutrition coaching through email and private Facebook group
  • One Get Fit NH mindset journal 
  • very detailed and completely personalized nutrition plan for you and your specific goals based on your specific body
  • This plan will include exact portion sizes for YOU and a detailed list of foods to eat and foods to avoid 
  • One 10 minute onboarding call with Coach Meagan, Coach Adam or Coach Ashley to determine your specific intake
  • One video weekly  (live on social media and recorded sent through email)
  • A choice to play as a group of 3 or as an individual 

Here's how you win

  • 31 out of 35 pages DONE in your journal. We will use a system called TrueCoach to email you daily asking if you journaled the day before. You (and your group) must check off 31 out of 35 days to be eligible to win and we will want to see (not read, just see) that the pages are filled out if you are deemed a winner. We will be handing out cash prizes so it is important that we confirm.
    • We want the biggest take away of this challenge to be a mindset shift therefore journaling will weigh heaviest to win
  • Greatest percent of bodyweight lost
    • For example: Sally weighs in at 160 pounds and weighs out at 150 pounds losing 6.25% of bodyweight
    • John weighs in at 200 pounds and weighs out at 190 pounds losing 5% of bodyweight
    • Sally wins for losing more
    • This helps us keep it fair for those who may not have as much weight to lose
    • Let's say Sally and John were partners...6.25 + 5= 11.25/2 people = 5.6% as a group
    • We will be working in groups of 3 or as individuals, this was just to show how we will configure winning numbers 
  • Tie breakers
    • We will use social media posts to break any ties! The more you post the more likely you are to WIN the tie.

Here's what you win

  • 1st place 
    • 31/35 days done in journal from the whole group. So that means if ONE person in your group doesn't come through then your whole group is out.
    • Greatest percent bodyweight lost as a group or as an individual
    • Wins 7% of total contest revenue. Conservative estimation around $300 (split amongst the group if a group wins)
  • 2nd place
    • 31/35 days done in journal from the whole group
    • 2nd greatest percent bodyweight lost as a group or as an individual
    • Wins 5% of total contest revenue. Conservative estimation around $215 (split amongst the group if a group wins)
  • The comeback win *NEW THIS YEAR*
    • After the challenge is when results CONTINUE, but only if we keep up on the habits we build during the challenge. So for the first time ever we are going to offer another weigh in the week of 7/18 and 7/22 which is 5 weeks AFTER the challenge ends. Anyone who maintains their loss or loses MORE will be eligible to win a cash prize. 
    • The other kicker? In order to win that client must have a FULL journal (every page filled out) No exceptions.
    • The person (not group) with the greatest maintained percent of bodyweight lost and a full journal will an estimated $215. 
  • Dates
    • Start Date: Monday, May 9, 2022
    • End Date: Friday, June 10, 2022
    • Initial weigh in due by: Friday, May 6, 2022
    • Final weigh in due by: Tuesday, June 14, 2022
    • Kickoff ZOOM meeting: Wednesday, May 4, 2022 at 6 pm 
    • In person celebration and winner reveal party: Wednesday, June 15th at 6pm

Sign up here for $67


 Fixed or Growth?

Someone with a fixed mindset believes that their qualities and abilities are fixed traits, set in stone; that you either “have it” or you don’t. They perceive even the smallest stumble as proof of their limited intelligence or capability. When it comes to working toward goals, they give up easily because they believe they can’t improve.

Alternatively, with a growth mindset, you perceive a failure as a temporary setback and a learning opportunity to figure out what you can do differently next time to achieve a different outcome. You see setbacks as a chance to build on your abilities and knowledge base. You believe that effort influences success, so you spend more time practicing or learning, which in turn leads to greater achievement

Your mindset influences your behavior more than you might imagine and can determine whether or not you pursue and accomplish your goals. 

If you have a growth mindset around fitness then you believe you can get fitter, stronger, and even more athletic, no matter where you’re starting from. “Let's say you believe you’re good at running, so you actively work to improve at it and get better. Conversely, let's say you don’t believe you’re good at upper body strength work, so you avoid working on it, and as a result, don’t make any upper body strength gains. A growth of mindset directly affects our capacity for physical growth."

“The first step to a growth mindset:

Tell yourself a different story.”

Creating a Growth Mindset

When we run up against a wall or a difficult situation, how we interpret and react to them depends on our beliefs about ourselves. Our actions are a manifestation of those beliefs.  The first step in cultivating a growth mindset: The moment those self-defeating thoughts arise; picture a big red stop sign. And then shift the narrative. 


Instead of telling yourself                      

  • I’m not good at this

  • I can’t do this

  • It’s beyond me


  • can do it; I am improving

  • It’s only possible if I try

  • It’s OK to fail because I’ll learn from my mistakes



Redefine “Failure”

Yes, failure is painful. It burns in our mind and makes us doubt ourselves. But rather than allowing it to define you (or your perceived limitations) and make you shy away from new challenges, reframe it as a springboard for growth. What you believe is what you achieve. How you choose to interpret your experiences can determine what you will, or won’t, accomplish. 


Consistency is KEY

With anything else, consistency is always key to success. It’s a consistency of your effort and focus over time. A growth mindset means there’s a belief in change.


A growth mindset creates a powerful passion for learning. “Why waste time proving over and over how great you are, when you could spend that time getting better?”

It’s never too late (and you’re never too old) to learn. When we stretch ourselves and push out of our comfort zone, our brain forms new connections. With practice, these connections get stronger and what seemed daunting at first can soon become easy.