Do you gamble?

Gamble with your pounds that is? This year we are bringing back Holiday Hold Em'! 

What is Holiday Hold Em' you ask?

Great question. This is a free challenge where you commit to weighing in once a month. If you are already playing Show up, Step up, Stick it up then this will be SUPER easy for you to add in. Each month you must weigh in during the first week of the month and once of your coaches will record it. This will begin the first week of October and end the first week of January. 

Here is how you win:

  • Weigh in the first week of each month starting in October 
  • Last weigh in due no later than Tuesday  January 8, 2019
  • Maintain your October weight (or less) to be entered to win (Get it? "Hold Em")
  • Weight must stay within 7 pounds of initial weigh in each month - meaning if your initial weigh in is 150 pounds you will not be eligible to win if your weight is 158 pounds or more come November, December and/or January- This is to keep you honest for each weigh in and to discourage crash diets! 

Here is how you don't win:

  • Skip a weigh in for November, December or January
  • Miss the final weigh in due no later than Tuesday January 8, 2019
  • Exceed your initial weigh in 

Here is WHAT you could win: All qualifying participants will be entered in to win $100 gift card to Under Armour for some new 2019 training swag 

Everybody wins! 

Make it happen,

Get Fit NH Team 

Sign up HERE


Mobility Monday Is Coming

We want to send a big thank you to all of you for working with us to get these FMS Rescreens done. This is such a powerful tool we use to help you train smarter and safer! 

As you can see, we have been putting a lot more emphasis back on wearing bands and have been tailoring training to build strength and mobility to help work out of bands and stay out of them. 

To add into that effort I will be posting here and facebook every monday a correctional exercise to help give you all the possibilities to work on any band you may have.

October will be the first month and it will be focused on all White Band exercises. I am looking forward to putting these videos out and continue our growth towards health and mobility!

Keep Making It Happen!

-Coach Brian

Summer BBQ Is This Saturday!

End of summer already! As we get back into "normal" routines let's take a second to schedule in free food, fun people and games so we can show you how much we appreciate YOU choosing to train with us.

On Saturday, September 15th we will gather at Get Fit NH for some grilled grub and games. We will get the grill started around 11 AM and hang out until the food is gone (or sent away!) We have prepared some mini contests to keep it interesting and entertaining. Come one, come all! This is a great opportunity to show your people where you train and what you do here for a few hours each week! 

If you are going to join us, please let us know by responding​ HERE!

We look forward to seeing you there (or hearing what else you have planned that is more fun than this)

The Get Fit NH Team

Sugar Free Me Is Here!

Summer may be coming to an end but all the progress you have made does not need to! The Sizzling Summer Slim down went so amazing for all the took part. It has been some time since it ended and some habits dont go away that easily. Dean and Nancy are back to help you tackle sugar and keep the progress rolling! Take a look at the video below to see all the details!

A Couples Journey

Now that both Glenn and Christine have gotten their feet under them here at Get Fit NH I took some time to talk with them and hear about their awesome story that led them here. 

Both of them work so hard every day and have so much fun doing it, its contagious! Like I said listening to their story that got them here was very inspiring that I wanted to share it with everyone else!

Keep up all the great work you two!

-Coach Brian

Pink Shirts Are Coming!

Have you singed up for your pink shirt yet?

When you walk into the gym you have probably seen the table right in the middle and that table has our sign up shirts for out Breast Cancer Support Pink shirts.

Starting in October we will be wearing our pink shirts in support every Monday!

We will be taking sign ups until September 15th so sign up while you can!

The video below gives you all the details!

New Class Time Coming October 1, 2018

We are excited to announce that starting Monday October 1, 2018 we are adding an 8th training time! You may remember a number of months ago we asked what class time you would like to see added and the number one response was 11 AM, so that is what we will do! 

If you are currently training at a different class and would like to switch to the 11 AM class, please let us know by Friday September 14, 2018 so we can reserve your spot. Current clients get first dibs, of course! 

Please let us know via email 

Have a great day!

Get Fit NH Team 

Shouting You Out With Our New Goals Board!

Have we told you lately how AWESOME you are?

So many of you have put in so much work in your fitness journey and we are so proud of you and want to help keep that ball rolling! 

How can we do that?

Our first step was a revamped goals and accomplishment board set up right by the racks! This is a pretty awesome board and hopefully a great tool you can use! 

Coach Meagan takes some time below to explain the entire board to you.

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