Hardcore Hips, Strength and Power Class Coming Soon

Do you find yourself loving the hard and heavy days in training?

Do you love:

  • Deadlifting?
  • Squatting heavy?
  • What about sprinting?
  • Running?
  • Jumping?
  • More explosive type of training? 
  • How about just new ways to lift heavy stuff?
  • Do you still want to dust the competition? Or do you just like a challenge?

What if you could get it all in one class?

The Ski, Skate and Shred class received great reviews based on the type of training listed above so we have decided to keep the class going in a different form.  If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above then Hardcore hips, strength, and power is for you!   

The first class will be Saturday, January 11th and will continue through Saturday, March 28th

This class will consist of individualized training written for each participant, which will progress over his or her time in the class.  While this is a challenging class this format allows me to work around any pain or movement restrictions you may have in an individualized manner.  This is a class that builds on itself therefore there will be no drop-ins, however we are offering the class in 4 weeks blocks so if you find that you are unable to make 4 weeks in a row there will be opportunity to make up the class in the later weeks.

When: Saturday mornings at 7:30am from January 11th until March 28th.

  • One exception: Due to the Autism Fitness Certification on January 18th the gym will not be available, so instead class will be held on Wednesday, January 15th at 6:30 am

Where: Get Fit NH Concord


  • 4 weeks: $127
  • 8 weeks: $239
  • 12 weeks: $297

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