Test your Power!

Experts say in order to be healthy you have to mix cardio with strength training. BUT one thing that seems to be missing is the POWER aspect. Power allows us to pick up items with speed and force.

Strength allows you to lower yourself into a chair and sit with control
Power allows you to stand back up


If you trip and stumble, power allows you to quickly react and recover to help prevent a fall!

Power, like anything else can be lost overtime if we do not consistently train it. But it can be restored as quickly as 4-8 weeks depending on fitness level and consistency! 

How do you know where you stand with power?
Well, we have what’s known as the power test.

What is the power test??
It is also referred to as the Sit to Stand Test, which gauges your power level and risk of falling. 

How to perform:

  1. Cross arms and place hands on shoulders.
  2. Sit down and stand back up. Repeat for as many reps as possible.

Studies show:
 > Men over 65 should be able to do 12 or more
        > If under 65 should be able to do 17 or more
> Women over 65 should be able to do 11 or more
        > If under 65 should be able to do 15 or more

*if you score below that, it indicates that you may be low on power.*

We test these things to know what we can improve on to make sure we stay healthy for as long as possible!

It is never to late to start, so why not start today!
Try out our two free week trial and increase your strength and power! 

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