Free Kettlebell Swing Mastery Workshop

We are trying something new!

Our team continues to grow and so does our client load. We are truly grateful and always searching for opportunities to improve our coaching and your experience. 

On Saturday, March 2nd at 8 am, we are hosting a free kettlebell swing mastery workshop. This workshop is for Get Fit NH current clients only. It doesn't matter if you have been swinging the kettlebell for 5 years of 5 days or never! We are going to spend the time breaking down the swing and the mechanics so you can improve your swing and feel more confident performing it.

There are a few kickers!

  • This will be coached by Meagan
  • Dylan will be recording the workshop for educational content.
  • All other Get Fit NH coaches will be present and this will be a teaching opportunity for them too. They will not be coaching.
    • The best way for our coaches to learn is to learn by doing and breaking it down. 
    • We want to help YOU with your specific struggles while also breaking down the movement from start to finish.

This workshop will be 45 minutes. We will warm up and will go through the kettlebell swing. We may also dabble in other kettlebell swing variations as well. This workshop is capped at 15 clients! We want to be able to spend time with you so you get the most out of it.

If you have ever been worried about attempting the swing or if you just don't feel confident in your swing or if you just want a real deep dive coaching experience then we hope you take advantage of this opportunity.

It is FREE, however, if you no show you will be charged $30. We have this form capped at 15 clients so if you sign up and no show then you are taking the opportunity from someone else. 

Tell Your Friends!