Get Fit NH Paddle Board Give Away

This is the exact board we will be handing off to one lucky Get Fit NH client in April! 

If you have never been on a paddle board before then you are seriously missing out. It is so peaceful and beautiful. These boards are not cheap so we are going to make you do a little work to earn it 😉 

The challenge will start Monday, February 28th and run through Friday, March 25th and here is how you can win...

Social media sharing! There are 290 of YOU and probably AT LEAST 200 of you on social media platforms. There is such an incredible opportunity to reach your friends and family and spread the good word about your Get Fit NH experience. 

All you have to do to win the board is one of the following:

  • Post a status and check in to Get Fit NH
  • Share a Get Fit NH  post to your personal page
  • Post a picture from your training and tag Get Fit NH
  • Share your experience on your personal page and tag Get Fit NH
  • Tag us in your story on Facebook or IG

If we are friends on Facebook or IG then please also tag ME, Meagan Sbat, as that will help me significantly in the tracking process. In order for it to count you MUST tag Get Fit NH otherwise I cannot track it at all.

Social media is hands down the most powerful marketing tool out there. Outside of referrals, social media marketing is where most of our business comes from. Every time you share we will enter your name in to win the paddle board. That gives you 26 opportunities to win, because you can share on weekends if you want as well!

The other exciting part? You sharing could change someone else's life and if they sign up and put you as a referral then you  get $50 cash for that referral!

We need your help to extend our reach in the Concord area. 

Coach Meagan

Tell Your Friends!