Meal Prep Service Coming to Get Fit NH

It has been a long time dream to offer a meal prep service within Get Fit NH. We are absolutely thrilled to announce our partnership with HardBody Meals out of Haverhill, Mass. Here are ten exciting facts about this incoming partnership.

1.) Get Fit NH will be the only pick up site in New Hampshire for this service. 

2.) You will order directly from their website then at check out with will select "pick up" and  select Get Fit NH as your pick up location. This will zero out any shipping fees, SCORE! $0 shipping for the win!

3.) You do not need to be a client at Get Fit NH to participate in this service.

4.) These meals are prepared by actual chefs

5.) Each meal shows calories, macros, ingredients and allergens. Just select the meal to view.

6.) Many of these meals come in regular and large sizes. Large sizes will be more than one serving for most people. Be sure the check out the calories and macro breakdown of both sizes to see if there is opportunity to save some money!

7.)  We do have a fridge to store meals once delivered. The fridge is in the main gym area. 

8.) All meals have ZERO added fat or added sugars

9.)  HardBody Meals are always prepared with the freshest ingredients, never frozen and always delivered to by them. It will never be days old and packed in dry ice

10.) IT IS AFFORDABLE!!!!! Be sure to check out all of their options to include meal packs!!! Use the "Order" dropdown menu to see all of their options.

The owner of HardBody meals will be at Get Fit NH on Saturday, November 25th for our pop up workout with free samples. He can answer all of your questions about this service. Join us for our pop up workout at 8 am and then grab some good food afterwards! 

He also said if you are eager to order then you can order online now, select pick up at their store on Friday 11/24/2023 and just let me (Meagan) know you ordered so he can bring it down on Saturday 11/25/2023.  We are not rolling this service out officially until December 1st so we are not listed as a pick up site yet

You can also checkout their social media here

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