Modifying The Split Squat

Here are my 3 favorite ways to modify the split squat. Split squats are one of the most common gripes when it comes to training. We have a ton of clients who have had knee replacements, who are pending knee replacements or just experience frequent pain from arthritis or bone on bone. Single leg strength is INCREDIBLY important to maintain as we mature. We need to be able to balance, walk up and down stairs, get up and down and maneuver around comfortably in order to stay out of the nursing home, right? And we also need to be able to train to get stronger so that we can recover from pending surgeries, remain pain free and at worst case, recover from a fall or unexpected injury. We never expect or ask our clients to train through pain so we offer a few variations to get the same result in a pain free movement. It’s also important to understand that if you are deconditioned, which is likely if you have been avoiding training a specific muscle group or avoided strength training entirely, then you may experience some pain or discomfort after as your body adapts to this change. It’s important to ease into things so that you can still continue day to day activities. Anyways, my rant is over! Check out the video by clicking the link below to see how you can train your single leg strength pain free!

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