Personal Training in a Group Setting

Get Fit NH has a very unique way of coaching 20+ clients at the same time. People often ask how it’s possible to be considered “personal training” with so many people in one class…

Well team, I’m here to show you a prime example. Let’s take the TRX push up as an example since that is what is captured on video. We don’t expect every person to be at the same fitness level. We also understand that some people are working through aches, pains and injures and will likely need modifications. 

Here is a great example showing three strong, healthy clients progressing the TRX push up by elevating their feet. This was not the standard exercise for the day, but these guys and gals were up for the challenge.

Fast forward to an incredibly strong client, Allie. On Monday, Allie was pulling 525 pounds on sled, but in THIS exercise, we are working on her elbow range as she tends to hyperextend her joints. Same exercise, different focus.

In a quick clip, you’ll see Katie. Katie is less than 3 months post op from a major surgery in her upper body. Katie is focus hard on stabilizing and working through a comfortable range of motion.

And finally, you’ll see Robin, Ingrid, Meg and John all doing TRX chest press as prescribed in the training for the day.

At Get Fit NH, we meet you where you’re at.

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