Teachers, I am looking at you

Another insane year in the books (almost)! How do you do what you do? I still have not quite wrapped my head around that, but wow, you're impressive. The last two school years especially will go down in history and you will forever talk about these years as the craziest years of your teaching career.

Who is rewarding your efforts?

We are. Yep, Get Fit NH sees you. We have so many teachers here at Get Fit NH and we see them continue to show up, work hard, cope with stress and it is respectable. So here's how we want to celebrate you...The next few offers are for new peeps only, but don't worry current teachers, we got you!

1.)  The rest of the month of June is FREE for teachers so hurry up an take advantage of this time here

2.) For all teachers who register, we will enter ONE name into a drawing to win the entire of month of July for FREE and any teacher that signs up in July will receive $50 off their first month.

3.) CURRENT CLIENTS WHO ARE TEACHERS....For every teacher you refer to us and chooses to stay in July, we  will give you $50 AND enter your name in to win a massage at Intuitive Touch! For all current clients who refer teachers to us who are not teachers, we will give you $50, but we are reserving the massage treat for our teacher peeps.

Let's grow together and celebrate these MVPs

Coach Meagan

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