The Most Important Parts Are The Start And The Finish.

This will be a somewhat shorter blog but I think it is an extremely important one.  The most important parts of any goal are the start and the finish, more often the middle will take care of itself.  Let's start with training, what would you say that the most often difficult to make it to trainings are? Based on what we as coaches see its two days…Monday, and/or Friday.  What does that tell me? It tells me that one of the major challenges is either getting started with something, or finishing out. Be honest with yourself, if you are someone reading this who has a tendency to not finish out the week of training, do you also see a pattern of yo-yoing with your nutrition?  Or can you look back at past S3’s or just times when you tried to keep your nutrition on point and you got close to the end but decided you ended early?  

The start and the finish are by far the two most important parts.  Often just taking the step in the gym, on your first day or on a Monday, is one of the toughest decisions.  The second toughest decision comes at the end of the week, you’re tired, your stressed from a long week and you decide “well I made it ‘x’ days, that’s good enough” next thing you know its one less than the week before.  If you can start a week of training and end a week of training, the stuff in the middle tends to be the easiest (at least relatively speaking). If you can make time on a Monday and Friday then finding time on a Tuesday or Thursday is child's play.  Even if you have been inconsistent to training that would be my advice, pencil yourself in for every Monday and Friday, and the rest will come. Additionally if you are looking to improve your nutrition, I would be willing to bet that if you get Monday and Saturday/Sunday on lockdown, you will find the rest to be cake.  Give it a shot!

Coach Adam

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