This Spotlight Is On Paula!

One of the BEST parts about being a coach is building relationships. One of the HARDEST parts about being a coach is when those relationships are broken. Sometimes people move, like Paula, but it still feels like a tough break up whenever someone decides to leave.

 Paula was in the area a few weeks ago and popped in to train. We had a chat about how hard it was for her to find a new training facility after her move. It struck me pretty hard and I asked her to share HER experience and HER thoughts on the Get Fit NH difference. This is what she said…

When I joined Get Fit in March 2015 I was new to the state and struggling to find community and a new fitness regimen during the polar vortex. Winter 2015 turned out to be the most frigid winter in generations and I was in shock at how brutal the darkness and cold was. For years I pieced together a fitness program running with my dogs and dropping into power yoga and YMCA classes periodically. Aside from the occasional spin or aerobics class, I hadn't experienced small group or personal training.


I trained with Meagan and the team for over two years. Although my work and school schedule made it challenging to commit to one time each day, I was accountable, my membership at Get Fit was a significant investment of my pocketbook, endurance and time. I used MyZone and the Fit 3D Scan religiously. Even after I broke my arm I was back in the gym in a matter of months.


I left concord last Summer to build out a new career path and my fitness regimen hasn't been the same. My schedule is harrowing, splitting my time between RI and NH. It hasn't been for lack of willingness invest in high end gyms in Portsmouth and Providence. At times I've paid significantly more, sometimes $25+ per class but have not found a training experience like Get Fit NH. Although most of the gyms offer more flexibility with drop in classes and al a cart TRX, strength, kick boxing, yoga or boot camp style classes in small group settings, none of them offer hands adjustments or enthusiasm. They lack the excitement and commitment to a bigger picture of health and improvement. They also didn't offer the same type of nutritional or monitoring programs like MyZone or a 3D Scan for full body health.


My work will bring me back to Concord halftime for the next few months and although it is logistically challenging with my schedule, I'm re-committing to Get Fit to ground me in a regimen that will keep me honest and help me re-center. Their methodology around consistency and coaching is the secret sauce that most swanky gyms lack. It's good to be back.

This note is so powerful. Group exercise classes are NOT the same as training and they are not the same as group PERSONAL training. NO ONE else does Functional Movement Screens in this area. Hands on coaching and cueing is the standard here. Knowing your name and things about you is the standard here. Holding you accountable to be here and be better is the standard here. You are not a number. It is our job and our calling to help you be the very best version of yourself.

Thank you, Paula, for taking the time to write this note about your experience since Get Fit NH. We are thrilled to have you back!

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