Training With Pain

There are many types of physical pain that we can experience. It is important to distinguish what is causing the pain.  You may have screaming sore hamstrings and glutes from deadlifting more weight than you normally do. However, with proper recovery, hydration and nutrition this soreness will subside.  We encourage you to still train through this soreness because movement will often aid in the recovery process.

In contrast, there can be pain that you have been dealing with for an extended period of time; weeks, months or possibly years.  You may struggle with knee, back or shoulder issues and it can be extremely frustrating when they don’t seem to improve. I have witnessed some of you pushing through this type of pain. You believe, “I have been dealing with this issue for so long and it doesn’t get any better so I might as well just train through the pain”.  Believe me I can understand! You want to be able to push yourself. You know what you have been capable of doing in the past. It is very challenging when you are not able to do certain exercises. You may feel a sense of personal failure. However, pushing through the painful movement pattern will only exacerbate the issue.

There are always alternative exercises that will help you build strength without the pain.  Your coaches are here to help you. If you have knee issues, allow your coaches to make the necessary adjustments to your exercise selection. You can make a goal for yourself to work on improving your chin ups or push-ups. Most importantly, you want to remain positive and focus on what you are able to do. By focusing and improving on what you can do will result in positive feelings of accomplishment. This positive motivation will help to keep you committed to your fitness goals for the long term.

-Coach Erin 

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