25 days of FITmas

Ever heard of 25 days of Christmas? This typically refers to the 25 day countdown until Christmas Day, the 25 days of Christmas movies, the 25 days of advent calendar chocolates and the list goes on..

What about 25 days of FITmas?!

25 days where you can put a focus on your health and feel good as you head into your holiday celebrations and New Year! We will be running a FITmas Challenge and you probably guessed it by now…it’s 25 days long! The challenge will run Friday 12/1 - Monday 12/25!

If you complete all 25 days, you will get 3 FREE entries into our Christmas Tree raffle drawing!

Here are the details:

1 bear crawl length of turf

2 minute plank hold combo (1 minute regular plank & 30 seconds per side)

3 minute ski erg

4 sled pushes length of turf (down and back = 2)

5 bodyweight or band assisted chin ups

6 total sprints length of turf (down and back = 2)

7 pledge push ups per side

8 box jumps or step ups per side

9 band tricep extensions with 3 second pause at the top

10 push ups or band chest presses

11 single leg deadlifts per side (DB, KB or sandbag)

12 high plank sandbag pull throughs (6 per side)

13 deadball slams

14 total walking lunges

15 valve slide hamstring curls

16 total skaters

17 banded bicep curls with 3 second eccentric tempo (on the way down)

18 alternating v-ups or dead bugs

19 banded overhead shoulder press or banded front raise

20 mountain climbers per side

21 squats or squat jumps

22 jumping jacks

23 knee grab abs or in-outs

24 burpees or squat thrusts

25 pogos, because your jumping for joy on Christmas Day! 
*Don’t attempt with coffee in your hands* 

We will be using the large whiteboard to keep track of participants! There will be weekends and Wednesdays that take place for this challenge, so we encourage you to send in or tag GetFit on social media not only for accountability, but to cheer you on and motivate others during the holiday season! 

Let’s end this year together strong, healthy and FIT.

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