Sled & Ski Erg Challenges!! 

Who doesn’t love a challenge?! Challenges are supposed to be hard and worked at overtime to show you that with hard work comes results! 

These challenges will be in “Levels” so everyone can participate regardless of fitness level while also having the ability to put in the work and “Level Up” aka progress! 

So what’s the challenge??

1 minute Ski-Erg Challenge:
Level 1: 100 meters in 1 min
Level 2: 200 meters in 1 mn
Level 3: 250 meters in 1 min
Final: All level 3 people - most amount of meters in 1 minute determines overall Ski Erg Champ!

2 minute Sled Push Challenge:
Level 1: 45lbs on both sides - 6 times length of green
Level 2: 90lbs on both sides - 4 times length of green
Level 3: 135lbs on both sides - 3 times length of green
Final: All level 3 people 150lbs per side - 2 minutes to complete furthest distance to determine overall Sled Push Champ! 

Once you have completed the distance in the allotted time for Level 1, you level up to Level 2 and so on! If we feel necessary, more levels will be added, but these are great, challenging starting points! We will be keeping track of this using the big white board in the gym to keep each other motivated and of course in friendly competition. 

BOTH challenges will start on Monday, January 1st and end on Friday, March 22nd!

FINALS will take place on both Thursday 3/21 and Friday 3/22 that way everyone from Level 3 gets the opportunity to get their final push to claim their title as CHAMP! 

And, speaking of champ, there has to be a prize right?!
The winners from each challenge will get a FREE meal of their choice from HardBody Meals!

Take a peek at their website using the link below and let the deliciousness motivate you!

Winners will be announced on Monday, March 25th!

Lets make this one of the best challenges yet!
Who’s in?!

Tell Your Friends!