3 ways to improve your single-leg deadlift

Improve your single leg deadlift with these three tips

 👉 Tripod foot: Make sure you feel all 5 toes and your heel on the floor to initiate balance and control through the movement. We often see clients roll onto the side of their foot or lift the big toe and that makes it really hard to balance as you can see

 👉 Finger tips in line: keep your middle fingers in line with each other as you go through the movement. This will help your hips and shoulders stay squared up to the wall. If you’re holding a weight, keep it CLOSE to your body. Both hands should be moving in line with each other for the same reason above

 👉 Kick your heel straight back! This will help you improve your hinge pattern so that you’re not throwing yourself into extension by kick your heel up or bending at the waistThe single leg deadlift is one of the hardest exercises to master, but it’s SO important for single leg strength and balance. You’re much better off going slow and controlled with a lighter weight than trying to blast through with a heavier weight and get crappy reps in

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