7 Habits of a Healthy Person

7 habits of a healthy person

  1. Eat a quantity controlled “diet” With emphasis on  whole foods that equate to protein, fats and carbs. And don’t forget to enjoy 1-2 free meals to keep yourself sane!

  2. 7-9 hours of sleep

  3. Move your body mindfully every hour. Meaning if you are at a computer or desk all day, get up and go for a walk every hour. Do not spend 8 hours on your tail. 

  4. Invest 10 minutes daily on body maintenance! Stretch, foam roll, etc

  5. Strength train a minimum of 2x per week

  6. Cardio 2x per week 

  7. Breathe, meditate and show gratitude! 

Which habit do you need to focus on this month to get you closer to your goals?

Coach Meagan

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