A Get Fit NH Family Member Could Use Our Help!

Some of you may know Get Fit NH Concord 5AM friend, Joe Morrison. 

In October 2016, Joe was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. This is a rare and incurable blood cancer. Joe has completed two rounds of chemotherapy, but his counts are still not where the doctor would like them to be so the next step is for Joe to have stem cell transplant.

This stem cell transplant will require joe to be hospitalized for at least 11 days and then he will be quarantine to his home and in sterile environments for up to 3 months depending on how quickly his immune system recovers. He will not be allowed any visiots or leave his home as everything in the outside world carries germs and could compromise his immune system.

His wife, Susan, will be home with Joe until the doctors clear him to resume normal life. In an effort to help this wonderful couple during this hard time we would like to organize a gift card drive. Since Joe and Susan will be house-bound for a few months they will need to order necessities online and use Hannaford to-go and other services of that nature to minimize outside exposure. In addition to your contribution, we know joe and Susan would find peace in your words on encouragement so please include that with contributions! 

Here is how you could benefit from a contribution:

With a gift card donations comes raffle tickets! The raffles prize will be a $500 gift certificate to Get Fit NH to be applied toward your monthly coaching dues!  Here is how you earn raffle tickets:

Donation amounts:

$20 = 2 raffle tickets

$25= 3 raffle tickets

$40= 5 raffle tickets

$50 or more= 11 raffle tickets

Gift card suggestions

Visa/Mastercard gift card


Rite Aid



We are accepting gift cards now through Friday, August 10th and we will draw the $500 gift certificate winner on Monday, August 13th!

Thank you so much for your consideration and thank you to Tara Brassaw for her hard work in organizing this!

Coach Meagan

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