21 Day + Nutrition Challenge is HERE

New year, new you? 

Nope. How about new you, new habits? That has a much better ring to it. We are excited to offer the 21 day + nutrition challenge. This is the first challenge that Get Fit NH will facilitate since new ownership. Same fabulous content you are used to from The Carlson's just coached by the faces you see everyday.

21 day + nutrition challenge focuses on removing sugar, dairy and grains from your nutrition for 21 days with a structured reintroduction process and a full week of preparation. Nutrition is not a one size fits all approach, so we have to be our own experiment to see what our body needs to thrive. We can all agree that your body needs protein, vegetables and healthy fats to thrive and sugar makes us feel terrible. You've heard all of the fads and probably tested a bunch. What works for you might not work for someone else and what works for someone else might not work for you. Your body might be sensitive to cheese or certain grains while mine might be sensitive to yogurt. These sensitivities reveal themselves through symptoms such as GI issues, inflammation, joint pain, migraines and more! We are going to find our what YOUR body needs. Just by kicking the sugar, eating whole foods ditching some potential foods that may be disrupting your system you will lose weight and you will feel better. That is the happy side effect! 

The purpose of this challenge is to hit the reset button! Rid your body of it all and reintroduce step by step to find your happy place. This challenge provides a symptoms sheet so you can record any symptoms you may be experiencing at the beginning and rescore them at the end to see the difference.

Allow me to answer the two questions that come with all challenges...

1.) What happens after the challenge?

This is a focused 21 day challenge with a reintroduction period. You will be happy with your results and you will want to keep them, but you likely won't go the rest of your life without a cookie or an ice cream cone so at the end we shall talk BALANCE! That is where the Get Fit NH accountability group will come into play! You won't be left alone and accountability will still be present.

2.)  Are these the same recipes I've seen in previous challenges?

You have probably seen many of these recipes before. You are not paying for recipes. You are paying for accountability, coaching and results! If have the material and you are doing it on your on your own then by all means- keep at it!

So, what do you get?

  • A manual with plenty of recipes to feed you (and your family) for the 21 days
  • A meal planning template
  • Symptoms spreadsheet
  • Daily check in email (For the experienced challengers: We are not coach catalyst, just a regular old-fashioned email)
  • Challenge specific Facebook group
  • Excellent coaching and endless support

Kickoff in the lounge: Saturday, January 25, 2020 at 9AM

Prep week portion starts: Wednesday, January 29, 2020

21 day  challenge portion starts: Monday, February 3, 2020

Reintroduction portion starts: Monday, February 24, 2020

Final weigh in due: Friday, February 28, 2020

How much: $20.20, Get it? 😉

Azimuth Check Foundation Charity Training Success

Thank you to everyone who came out to our quarterly charity training last week! We had a great time training at a different intensity than our daily norm. We were able to raise over $400 for Azimuth Check Foundation. This money stays in NH for our veterans and first responders who suffer from PTSD. Azimuth Check Foundation uses funds to take them out and give them the opportunity to build camaraderie while being active. Please check out this quick video donated by Jonathan Stallsmith of Purple Finch Productions!

Right Fit Fitness is Coming to Get Fit NH

Autism Fitness and Right Fit Fitness is coming soon to Get Fit NH!

We hope to accomplish three things for those living with autism:

  1. Help professionals  working in schools throughout the state to be better equipped to bring fitness programming to those with autism;
  2. Empower parents to make use of the Autism Fitness approach;
  3. Our new division, Right Fit Fitness, will formulate and provide appropriate fitness programming for adults on the autism spectrum.

How will we do this?

  • November 2, 2019: Try This @ Home workshop: This workshop is for PARENTS and CAREGIVERS of those on the spectrum; You will learn how you can use the principles of Autism Fitness to set up a fitness program at home. In addition, we will discuss the importance of your sharing this approach with the professionals who work with your school age child: gym teachers, physical therapists, etc. and urge those professionals to sign up for the weekend in January (see below) so they can better serve the autism population they work with. Sign up here.
  • January 18 and 19, 2020: Autism Fitness Level 1 Certification with AF founder Eric Chessen: This is two days of hands on, intensive training for fitness professionals and educators and offers Continuing Education credits for both. Sign up here.
  • Fall 2019: Our own program, Right Fit Fitness, will be meant for adults on the autism spectrum and will consist of hour long one on one training with a certified Autism Fitness Professional. As our program grows, we hope to eventually have our athletes working in dyads and then small groups with the hope of establishing a community for them like we have here in our Get Fit NH family.

If you have not seen the heart felt message from Mae Lynn, the heart of Right Fit Fitness, then do yourself a favor and check it out here

Show Up, Step Up, Stick It Up…. And Share It!

Our 4th annual Show up, Step up and Stick it up Challenge is coming up and this year has a new twist! We run this challenge to keep you honest as we head into a challenging time of year. The fall brings on back to school, sports and that leads us into the holidays and before you know it here comes January and we are motivated to get back on the wagon. 

But imagine how wonderful it would be if you never had to fall off the wagon! Imagine if you had some extra motivation (on top of your coach) to keep you going and keep you honest...

Well imagine no more! This challenge is for you and here is how it works:

Show up: There are 59 total training chances between the September 9th and December 20th to make it into training. To complete the show up portion we are asking that you make it a certain amount in that time being:

  • 4 Training Days People: 50 Days
  • 3 Training Days People: 40 Days
  • 2 Training Days People: 25 Days

Step up: The Fit3D! On the backside of the card there will be a monthly spot to hit up the Fit3D. You want to talk about keeping you honest? Nothing better than the good ole "truth booth" to keep you on pace. The average weight gain between October and December is TEN POUNDS! It is a lot of work to get those pounds off so let's not fall into that category. We will help keep you honest.

Stick it up: This will also be a monthly spot on the backside of your card. This is for the goals board. Each month we put up a goals board. We strive for this to be apart of our culture and this will help you build that habit and keep you working toward the bigger picture. Each month you will need a coach to initial that verifying that you did in face "stick it up"

Share It: This is the NEW TWIST for this year! On the Back side of the card a new box will be added for you to share it that needs to be completed once a month. Here are some ways you could get this box checked off:

  • Bring a friend to a fun friday or charity training
  • Share a Get Fit NH video on social media
  • Check in that you trained on Facebook
  • Refer a friend to come train with us.
  • Anyway you can share the greatness and fun we have and show proof to a coach

If you fill up your card with the needed amount of attendance checks, 4 (Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec) step ups, stick it ups, and share it ups then your card will go into the magic prize jar. We will pick THREE cards to win mega awesome prizes. 

1st card pulled earns- $300

2nd card pulled earns- $100

3rd card pulled earns$50

We look forward to kicking this challenge off and finishing this year out strong! Let's make it happen,

The Get Fit NH Team

Charity Training for Fellowship Housing Opportunities is Coming to Get Fit NH

Having a presence and being active in our community is VERY important to us here at Get Fit NH. We know together we can make a big difference and that is why we choose to host a charity training each quarter. We are lucky enough to train some fine individuals who work hard for these non-profit organizations and Fellowship Housing Opportunities has an advocate right here at this gym! 

She asked us if we would be willing to host a charity training on their behalf and we were more than happy to make a difference for this amazing organization. 

We are going to shake up this charity training, though! We usually host these trainings in the morning on a Saturday, but this time, given the nature of this organization, we decided to do a sunset training and call it "Get Fit NH Helping Concord Get Out of the Darkness"

Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 3, 2019 at 8PM! This will (weather permitting) be an OUTDOOR training! Friends and Family are welcome and we would ask for a donation of $10.

Here is some more information about Fellowship Housing Opportunities for the advocate herself!

Fellowship Housing Opportunities Inc., founded in 1966, is a private nonprofit organization located in
downtown Concord, NH. We are dedicated to promoting recovery from mental illness as a provider of high quality, affordable housing and client-centered behavioral services. Our mission is to “Provide decent, safe, affordable housing with support to members of our community who live with a mental illness. We envision a community in which people with mental illness are able to manage daily lives, be good neighbors, access resources, and find acceptance”.

Fellowship Housing Opportunities owns and maintains and manages seven multi-family properties in Concord, NH all within walking distance of downtown. These seven properties allow us to provide needed housing for over 60 individuals. Three of our independent apartment properties are subsidized by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) which allows our tenants to receive government assistance in paying their rent. Our tenants receive on average about $900 a month for their disability payments. Very difficult to live in Concord on $900 a month.

Tenants in these apartments only pay 30% of their income for rent. Our three remaining independent properties are unsubsidized but housing vouchers (Section 8) are accepted and rents are below fair market value. Our seventh property is a 24-hour staffed, licensed community residence that is also subsidized by HUD. This residence houses twelve individuals who require 24-hour assistance in caring for themselves and managing their medications. Residents in this home are learning how to care for themselves and their home, how to shop for needed supplies and how to interact appropriately in public in the hopes that they will someday be able to move into one of our independent apartments where they can live with or without assistance from our staff.

Your donation to Fellowship Housing Opportunities will help us continue to provide affordable housing options to people in need in Concord and beyond. Our goal is to expand our reach in the next few years by purchasing additional properties so we will be able to help even more people.

Performance Health is Coming to Get Fit NH for a Body, Active, Mobility Class

We are so excited to bring Sarah Coulombe to Get Fit NH for a very personal and focused mobility class. Sarah is a Physical Therapist at our our favorite Chiropractic Office, Performance Health. She has helped many of our clients and Coach Adam battle some serious, chronic pain. I asked her to do a write up about the class she will be offering and her and Coach Adam took it one step further and included a video! This class will be held at Get Fit NH on Wednesday mornings from 7:30-8:30AM. Payment will be handled through Performance Health NOT Get Fit NH. So you can choose to call them and pay via credit card or write them a check directly! Here are the details from Sarah herself!

Body. Active. Mobility. B.A.M. Course

Do you wish you had more mobility and flexibility? Do you constantly feel stiff and immobile? Or do you feel very unsteady like you don’t have control over your own body? The purpose of this course is to increase body awareness through active mobility using body weight exercises and minimal equipment. Learn your joint limitations and how to best promote optimal movement and health of your joints. 

Come join Sarah Coulombe, a Physical Therapist from Performance Health as a guest instructor to bring you this unique 6-week body control class. The class is based on recent course work including Functional Range Control and Kinstretch. Due to her background as a Physical Therapist and Certified Functional Strength Coach, she can help you reach your goals!

A free introduction class will be taking place on July 24th from 7:30-8:30am at Get Fit NH. Each class builds on the previous.  If you would like to continue with the 6-week course, you will have the opportunity to register for the final 5 sessions on July 24th.  The classes will be held each Wednesday from 7:30-8:30am from July 31st - August 28th. Cost for the 6-week course is $130.  

New Kettlebell Class Session Starting July 10th!

A new session of kettlebell classes are starting July 10th on Wednesdays at Get Fit NH. The session will run for 8 weeks working on building kettlebell skills, strength, and mobility.

Why Train With Kettlebells:

People have been using kettlebells to burn fat, build lean muscle, and improve mobility since early 1700's! Using kettlebells has been a proven method of improving your health for so long, I would even argue it is one of the best methods of burning fat while building muscle. Another wonderful reason to train with kettlebells is they do not take up much space and for most trainings you only need yourself and one bell! 

What Will We Be Doing In Class:

This class is designed to build up the fundamental movements of kettlebells and create a strong foundation you can take anywhere to train with kettlebells! We use a mixture of Kettlebells, TRX, and body weight to bring complete trainings for anyone! We like to take our time and really focus on quality of a movement to maximize the results we get! This class is perfect for anyone of any fitness level, if you are trying to take your first step into fitness or you're a fitness vet trying to add some new material into training this class is for you! 

Is This Only Open To Get Fit NH Members:

NO! This class is open to Get Fit NH members and anyone who is not currently a member! So if you think this is something for you sign right up! 

*To keep classes running smoothly each class is capped at 10 people*

Class Times And Cost:

Class Times: The class will be held on wednesdays at 4 different times:

  • 5:30 AM
  • 6:30 AM
  • 4:30 PM
  • 5:30 PM


  • For The Entire 8 week session the cost it $119

If You have any questions please reach out to me at :


If you are interested in signing up and having some summer kettlebell fun click below!

Autism Fitness is Coming to Get Fit NH

It is my absolute pleasure to introduce Mae Lynn and her son Henry to you. Mae Lynn came to me a few months ago confessing her hopes and dreams to change the community of adults with Autism. Her passion and drive is truly inspiring and contagious, I just couldn't say no! I am going to let Mae Lynn share in her words the really exciting news...

My full time job for decades has been to make the best life I can for my son, Henry, 23. Because there is seemingly no place in the real world for those with autism once they leave school, his life is a lonely one, and I know he isn’t the only one. So I’ve been working hard to try to think of ways to include adults with autism in the community. I’ve discovered since Henry left the school system that there is a very big difference between being “in the community” and “included in the community.” Henry and I are out and about all the time. But there might as well be a giant bubble around us for all we are actually part of anything.

My dream is to eventually create a place where people like Henry can feel included. My gym, Get Fit NH, has always been that for me: a home away from home where people know me, look forward to seeing me, and genuinely care about me. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Henry and others like him could have the same experience?

I believe that people with autism cannot be included if their fundamental differences are not understood and accounted for. I’m happy and proud to say that I became a Certified Autism Fitness Professional this past November. This means that I am qualified to develop and provide fitness programs that are appropriate and empowering for individuals on the autism spectrum. The Autism Fitness approach uniquely takes into account the physical, adaptive, and cognitive deficits present in ASD. 

Fitness and physical activity should be fun, accessible, effective, and not overwhelming. I have learned that there are concepts and activities that work enormously well for athletes with autism. I’m thrilled to announce that the first step to making my dream happen is in the works. On November 2 at 9am at Get Fit NH I will be presenting “Try This @ Home” - a workshop for parents and caregivers of individuals on the Autism Spectrum. This workshop will be an introduction to the unique ABA-based Autism Fitness approach. At this workshop, proactive parents and caregivers can learn how to set up an environment for their athlete to achieve success in physical fitness. Believe me, your athlete will surprise you! I have been working with Henry for a few months now and his swim coach and physical therapist both commented on how much stronger he is.

As if that isn’t exciting enough, in January 2020, Eric Chessen himself, founder of Autism Fitness, will present a weekend-long Autism Fitness Level 1 Certification right here at Get Fit NH. This training is for fitness professionals, physical therapists, educators, anyone who is currently bringing physical fitness to the autism population. Autism Fitness education provides adaptive programming solutions that will enable support professionals to deliver fitness programming to anyone with developmental deficits to create powerful daily living outcomes that last a lifetime. 

Join us! We are going to build a team of professionals first here at Get Fit NH and hopefully all over our state who “get” athletes with autism. The lives of those with autism and their families, as well as the community in general, will be better for it.

To register, click the links below.

Free Try This @ Home Workshop November 2, 2019 9am-12pm - Click here to register

Autism Fitness Level 1 Certification January 18-19, 2020 9:30am-5:30pm - Click here to register


It's that time of year again, challenge time!  We run TWO class challenges each summer. July kicks off the attendance challenge. This is a great way to be accountable to your training even when the weather is nice! 

Let me take this opportunity to remind you that long walks and bike rides are exercise, but it is not strength training. Training is the magic that keeps your bones healthy and strong and is what gives you the ability to get up and down off the floor and maintain your independence as you age. None of us are getting out of this world any younger, so we need to do our part now to make life easier later! 

Here is how the attendance challenge works...

For the month of July we are looking for 100% accountability from everyone in every class. This means that if you are NOT in training then you let a coach know BEFORE a coach reaches out to you! Your coaches email, call or text over 150 clients PER WEEK for not making it to training. This is a tool we use to keep you accountable and for the month of July (and hopefully moving forward) we want to work on building that accountability habit and put the ball in your court. So here is how you get POSITIVE credit for your team..you either show up to training or let a coach know (in person, through call, text or email) that you are not going to be in training. If you need to come to a different training time then that is just fine- you will still get credit for your "home room" training time. This contact must be done BEFORE the coach gets to you- which should be within 24 hours of missed training. If you a coach contacts you first then that will NEGATIVELY effect your team- so just let us know!

The class with the best average will win a class party. To give you some examples of previous parties...we have done breakfast parties, glow stick parties, Taco Tuesday parties and more! The possibilities are endless! Each week we will update the average to show you which class is in the lead.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Meagan or email us at GetFitNHCoaches@gmail.com

Looking forward to this challenge kicking off! It starts when we return from recovery week!  

Monday July 8, 2019 - Friday August 2, 2019

Let's Make it Happen!

Athlete Academy Summer Training

Summer is right around the corner, that means a few different things.  However for Athlete Academy that means a couple things specifically, school is ending and most seasons are coming to an end, or on the flipside school athletic seasons are coming to an end, but travel and club seasons are just heating up. Either way athlete academy can be a very important tool for your adolescent athlete over the course of the summer.

If you have an athlete whose season is coming to an end, this is the perfect time to enroll.  The offseason is the most important time to build strength, power, and speed while also keeping up levels of conditioning.  Fall and winter seasons come quicker than you think and that extra time can make a world of difference!

If you have an athlete who’s school season is coming to a close but summer travel will be heating up, taking part in a strength and conditioning program is also extremely important!  Most think that this is the time to drop a strength and conditioning program because it will be too much. However with prolonged seasons it may be most important for injury prevention.  Taking part in a strength and conditioning program drastically reduces the risk of injury over the length of a season, when compared to those who don’t regularly take part.

Lastly maybe it isn’t a matter of a fall season but you as a parent just not wanting your child to spend the summer with their behind glued to the couch.  Any way you slice it our Athlete Academy program can be tailored to any fitness level, goal, or reason behind joining.

Summer is right around the corner and spaces are limited!  For more information reply to this email or speak to Coach Adam.  Summer is here, are you ready to make this the best season yet?

Coach Adam

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