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MYZONE Match Training- Space Limited!

TilesMark your calendars! We have our next MYZONE Match training scheduled for Saturday July 18th at 8:00 am in Concord. Those who attended last time would probably agree that this training hour was quite the learning experience as well as a challenge. During this hour there will be a prescribed zone that we will want you to train in. For many of us we can easily jack our heart rate up into the red zone (90-100% of our maximum heart rate) while others have a challenge getting out of the green zone (70-80% M.H.R). Still others have a challenge getting back into the recovery zones. The purpose of the match training is to learn to control your exertion, control your recovery,and control your breathing. This type of control is and maintaining these zones is not easy and it is the optimal way to train your heart.

If you haven’t picked up your belt yet, you will want to make that happen before this event!  There is limited space available, so you MUST register for this training ahead of time, no exceptions please. Space is limited to 28 students, so please do not sign up if you are not 100% sure you can be there – Thanks!

After this fantastic sweat-a-thon we will have our monthly Whole 9 seminar with Coach Nancy- so don’t miss out. It is 2 for 1 Saturday at Get Fit NH!

Make it Happen!
Coach Meagan

MyZone Match Training
When: Saturday July 18, 2015
Time: 8:00 AM Concord
Location: Get Fit NH Concord


The Spotlight is Shining on…

Brenda Schmieder!


Brenda pictured on right

Brenda earned her way in to the spotlight, because she came to Get Fit NH and went all in! She took our coaching and she put it into action immediately. Brenda is faithful to training and she is serious about her nutrition. She eats like an adult! Because of her dedication and commitment to getting better she lost over 18 pounds during our S3 V.I.P challenge, she has lost over 30 pounds since joining the Get Fit NH family in late February, her pain has decreased significantly in her shoulders and knees and her overall movement patterns have improved tremendously. Brenda is an absolute pleasure to coach. I am proud of you for taking control of your future, Brenda! Here is what Brenda has to say:

My story began, as all of ours do, with my parents! But my decision to join Get Fit NH also began with my parents. Dad is 85 and Mom is 80….I am blessed to have them with me still; but advancing age has not come easily for them. I spent a good part of my fall and winter going to one doctor appointment after another, talking with doctors on the phone and managing medications. My parents live about 45 minutes away, so this made it even more challenging for me to balance their needs with those of my husband, our daughter and my two jobs…..notice I did not mention my own needs!

I used to be in relatively decent shape, but a series of injuries and surgeries put my activity levels on a back burner several years ago. Add to that some serious family health issues that occurred around the same time….suddenly I was not moving and putting on some pounds as I fed my stress with food. Eventually I stopped caring about  any of those good health habits that I once had and pretty much gave up on myself.

It was the end of February when I had my “final straw” moment! That moment led me to pick up the phone and call GFNH. It suddenly cemented in my head that I wanted to age better than my parents have. The years pass so quickly and I want to go into my “golden years” feeling strong and fit. Perhaps, most importantly, I want my daughter to know that her mom took care of herself as best she could. I don’t want her time, or my time, to be spent at doctor’s appointments when I am in my 70‘s and 80’s and 90’s and even 100‘s! I want to be able to climb mountains with my husband again! I decided it was time to put myself back to the top of the list and to invest in me!

I met with Coach Meagan on February 24th and have not looked back! I love the motivation and accountability that I get from all the coaches….emails, phone calls, notes in the mail, encouragement while training…it all adds up. I told Coach Dean one day that GFNH is the only part of my life where I actually like to be told what to do! I need someone looking over my shoulder and helping me to believe in myself. I have never worked so hard at fitness…but I have also never felt stronger or more motivated to keep going.

I quickly learned that we all have to start our journeys somewhere, but that we don’t need to go it alone. From day one I have been coached and motivated by the staff and my classmates. I have learned that there is nothing I cannot do, but that I may need to modify it for my level. I have also learned that it’s “all about the food” and that what we put into our bodies is going to have a direct affect on what we get out of our bodies! Cooking and nutrition are a passion of mine, it’s been great learning about how to make the food I eat work for me!

Since joining GFNH I have lost weight and gained muscle. A scientist by training, I love the measurements and data showing my changing body composition; I find it motivating and actually look forward to getting on the scale each month! Get Fit NH is the perfect gym for me. I have chosen to invest in myself…and investment comes with a price. I have friends that choose the local $10 option and are amazed at what I pay; but I know that good health comes at a cost and I am worth it. If I don’t make the investment now, then I will be paying doctors later! I am determined to Make It Happen!!

Thank you for choosing to invest in yourself and train with Get Fit NH, Brenda! Keep making it happen!

Brenda is such a great example of what you can do with the right support, motivation, and coaching.

Join Brenda Today – Click Here to Start your 2-Week Free trial!

Coach Meagan



Are You Making it Happen or Making Excuses?

smile.jpgS3 V.I.P taught us a lot about what you guys are capable of. It is seriously amazing what some of you guys will do to be a team player and to get results over an assigned period of time. I hope you know that you have set a standard for yourself and you will forever be held to it, because you have proved yourselves!

Attendance. We are seriously just impressed with what some of you all pulled off to make it in here.

  • Overslept? You still made it to a later session
  • Had a meeting? You still made it to a later session (or often times at 5 AM!)
  • Had a dentist appointment? Rescheduled it.

So many of you put training as a priority for this challenge and we are so impressed and grateful for that. Now like I said – you set the standard. Training should ALWAYS be a priority. If for 6 weeks you could make it work then you can almost ALWAYS find a way to make it work. Here is my concern- we are in the first week post S3 and attendance has already dropped tremendously. We know you can make it happen, so we won’t let you make excuses! (There- that was mean Coach Meagan! Roar!)

Now allow me to touch on another point. It is impressive what you guys were willing to do when you were put on a team. When the pressure was on and winning or losing for a whole team could depend on you you delivered excellence. Why is that? Is that because you are competitive? Or is it because you wanted to be a team player? Did you do it for you or was in largely for others as well?

So here is a question, during S3 V.I.P your friend offers you a cocktail (or some pie, whichever is more appealing to you!) what do you say? Many of you reported to your teams that you were so proud that you turned it down. Now post S3 V.I.P your friend offers you the same things- what do you do?

Do you take it because the challenge is over or are you “the weirdo” who passes on the offer, because you don’t eat that way anymore or drink that way anymore? S3 V.I.P was all about you. Just because you the challenge is over doesn’t mean you throw the habits out- stay after it. Everyone got results- everyone. What does that tell you and why would you go back? These habits works! Don’t turn back!

Get in here and keep making it happen,

Coach Meagan


Student Spotlight is shining on…

Our 5 AM rockstar, Kelly Gauthier! Kelly is a pleasure to coach and has been making moves towards getting better for as long as I have known her. Her dedication and commitment has earned her some fantastic results. Kelly has a great attitude and she encourages and challenges the students around her on a daily basis. Kelly is in it for the long run!

“I was flattered when Meagan asked me to share my Get Fit story, but scared all at the same time; talking about myself is not one of my strengths!

(Deep breath…) I have always enjoyed “exercise”, I’ve tried a little of everything over the years. (I shamefully have to admit that one of my faves was Tae Bo, who DOESN’T love Billy Blanks?!) I never jumped on board the fad diet trains, they’re called “fads” for a reason. I’ve had my fair share of weight/body image issues over the years, I needed to find my way out of that “place”.

It was four years years ago when a friend was telling me about this great gym she had joined, she had lost weight, inches, and was feeling strong! I was intrigued, could this be the challenge I’ve been looking for…? I went home and googled Get Fit, “group personal training”, two weeks free…sign me up! From day one, kellygI was hooked. The coaches, the people, the energy; and all at 5:00 a.m.!

Since starting my journey at Get Fit I have lost some weight, but more important to me is that my body fat has dropped 7.6%! I feel stronger, and I feel like an athlete! I’m in better shape now at 46 years old than I’ve ever been. My training at Get Fit has also made me a better, stronger, and more confident runner, I will be running my first marathon in October 2015.

I have learned so much since joining the Get Fit family, most importantly, training doesn’t stop when you walk out that door. Having coaches that really care and WANT me to get better, keeps me going strong.

Thank you coaches, for helping me to Make it Happen! :-)”

And thank you, Kelly for choosing to train with us!

Keep making it happen,

Coach Meagan



Records were set and Greatness was proved at Get Fit Games

What a great morning at Get Fit NH.

We had a great crew show up and participate in the “Get Fit Games”, where we come in, have some fun, and confirm we are getting better.

By my count our athletes set 16 personal bests! Big shout outs to Ronald Weilnau, Vickie Carrier, Glenn Foley, and Tom Haubrich for coming out for their first Get Fit Games experience! Now that is what it is all about! Make sure you look out for the next time we host Get Fit Games. If you wanna get better, you gotta measure!

Here’s the highlights of this mornings games.

Proud of you all!

Adam Rosenthal 

Deadlift, Silver level achieved

Vertical Jump, Personal Best

Scott Lebrun

Deadlift, Personal Best

Vertical Jump, Personal Best

Long Jump, Personal Best

Jenn Stevens

Deadlift, Personal Best

Vertical Jump, Personal Best

Inverted Row, Personal Best and Silver level achieved

Front Plank, Personal Best and Bronze level achieved

Dick Boddie

Deadlift, Personal Best and Get Fit “Fit” level achieved

Push up, Personal Best

Vertical Jump, Personal Best

Chin up, Personal Best

Long Jump, Personal Best

Front Plank, Personal Best

Adam Davidson

Push up, Personal Best

Long Jump, Personal Best and Gold level achieved

Ronald Weilnau

Deadlift, Get Fit “Fit” level achieved

Chin up, Silver level achieved

Front Plank, Get Fit “Fit” level achieved

Glenn Foley

Deadlift, Gold level achieved

Front Plank, Silver level achieved

Tom Haubrich

Deadlift, Get Fit “Fit” level achieved

Vertical Jump, Bronze level achieved

Chin up, Bronze level achieved

Long Jump, Gold level achieved

Front Plank, Gold level achieved

Ski Erg, Get Fit “Fit” level achieved

Vickie Carrier

Deadlift, Gold level achieved

Push up, Silver level achieved

Front Plank, Silver level achieved

Great job to all this morning! We are so proud of you for measuring your greatness, until next time…

Make it happen!

Coach Meagan



Memorial Day Training

Family training day coming up! On Memorial Day we will have an all group training at Get Fit NH Concord starting at 8:00 AM sharp! This will be our one and only training for that day, so don’t miss out! We always have a great time when we get the whole Get Fit NH family together under one roof. We guarantee fun and sweat for all!

See you there!

Memorial Day Training
Date: Monday May 25, 2015
Time: 8:00am to 9:30am
Place: Get Fit NH Concord

Get Fit Games are Coming Up

We’re springing into summer with our quarterly Get Fit Games! On Saturday May 16, 2015 we will host a series of competitive events at our Concord location. There are 7 different parts to this event and they include:


1.) 3 repetition maximum Deadlift

2.) Front Plank for time

3.) 4 minute Push Up challenge (from the floor or incline)

4.) Vertical Jump

5.) Long Jump

6.) Chin ups/inverted row

7.) 1000 M Ski Erg Sprint

If there is a piece of this puzzle that you are currently unable to participate in due to an injury then we would encourage you to STILL participate, but skip that part. This is a FANTASTIC event to measure progress. Everyone has a little competitiveness in their heart so come on out and show us what you’ve got!

If you have been to Get Fit Games before then you know it is time to get back in here and see where you have gotten better! If you have never been before then mark your calendar! You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to measure your greatness!

When: Saturday May 16, 2015

Where:  Get Fit NH Concord

When: 8 AM

Make it happen!!!

Coach Meagan

The 3 Smith’s Hit the Spotlight

Mike and Sarah Smith have been a part of the 6:15 Get Fit NH family for almost a year. I remember sitting down with them right after their trial and they were asking about what happens with training if they got pregnant. I am so happy for them as they reach their final days of pregnancy and prepare to open up the doors to parenthood! Sarah has inspired and amazed so many of her peers, because she has remained dedicated to her training throughout her pregnancy. Their positive energy and great attitude is contagious. We are so lucky to have them and I look forward to sharing their story with you! Here is what Mike and Sarah have to say! smith

“We came to Get Fit  NH because we both agreed it was time to turn the page and start a healthier lifestyle, so the first step was become more active. We had heard great things about Get Fit NH, so we decided to check it out. It didn’t take us long to determine that Get Fit NH was where we wanted to start our journey. We were impressed with the facility and their knowledgeable staff, but what was even more impressive was how they took the time to understand our goals and physical challenges to better help us succeed. Their dedication and motivation to help us achieve our goals has been incredible since day 1. 

Since training at Get Fit NH we both are feeling more confident, stronger, and just overall healthier since we started at Get Fit NH. Mike’s lingering sport injuries from high school and college are improving, and he’s feeling better and better each week. Sarah experienced a HUGE change since well…she’s PREGNANT!!! We are expecting our first child in early May and we couldn’t be more excited. The Get Fit Team has been incredible throughout her pregnancy. They educated us on the proper nutrition, guided her with the appropriate exercise, and customized her work-outs each day which has really helped her manage the physical difficulties of being pregnant. In fact, Sarah continues to attend classes and plans to continue up until the final days! 

We’ve learned a lot since we started at Get Fit NH. One of the most important things we’ve learned is the importance of nutrition. The Get Fit Team does a great job of educating you on proper nutrition and the importance of eating the right foods to achieve the best results, which was something we lacked prior to starting at Get Fit NH. We still have a long way to go, especially when dealing with the challenges of food dislikes and cravings while being pregnant, but we’re on the right path with the help of the Get Fit NH Team. 

I’m not sure why anyone would choose not to train at Get Fit (seriously, this is not a sell).  We tried so many different ways to get a workout routine going but nothing stuck.  How boring to hop on an elliptical in front of a TV or pop in a workout DVD when you can have certified personal trainers putting together workout plans for you, showing you how to do the movements so you don’t get injured, modifying the movements to build up your strength to progress to the next benchmark, and someone to motivate you to succeed even if you are having a challenging week.  In two months we will have been training at Get Fit for a year together and have no plans to stop.  I feel like Get Fit is a family that trains together, motivates and supports each-other, celebrates accomplishments and promotes a much healthier state of life than we were living before we joined.  Previous workout routine attempts were short lived

**special question** How has training pregnant affected you and your pregnancy?

The plan was to get in great shape before I got pregnant, since I was overweight, so my pregnancy would be easier on my body.  However, since I had just started my journey at Get Fit 2 months prior to getting pregnant, I didn’t fully get enough time to accomplish that goal.  I will say it’s been challenging, to say the least, training through 18 weeks of all day sickness, weird pregnancy ailments / necessary training modifications and sleepless nights but I have done my best to make it in.  After a while I started to see a pattern; the days I didn’t make it in, I felt worse.  Everything hurt more, I was more tired and just all around lacking in energy.  So I made a decision to come to training no matter what.  I am 38 weeks in my third trimester, large with baby belly, and attending more classes than I did in my first and second trimesters and it’s been great!  Granted I cannot do as much and must carefully pay attention to my heart rate monitor so I don’t train too hard for baby or I, all things considered, training throughout my pregnancy has been the best decision I have made.  I am really excited to come back to training after I have the baby and continue my mission to get into great shape.  I can’t wait to train with baby number 2, hopefully in much better shape than the first time around and see how much easier of a time I might have with my body starting off in a much healthier state.”

As you can see there are no excuses here! Their mind is in the right place and they’re already focused on getting back into their training routine after Baby Smith comes. We can’t wait to learn if Baby Smith is a boy or a girl! Just over a week before baby is scheduled to make an appearance! Oh and Mike made the brilliant choice of choosing Team Meagan for our S3 V.I.P challenge so there is no doubt they will continue to do great things!

Keep making it happen,

Coach Meagan

We Have a Family Member in Need!

cj2Who remembers Coach CJ? He was one of the Get Fit NH originals and then moved on to further his career with Dr. Brett Coapland at Performance Health. For those of you who have been coached by him you know that this guys knows his stuff! He is super smart and incredibly athletic, which is why his recent medical condition has taken us back quite a bit. To read more on CJ’s current condition or donate please click here

We want to do everything we can to help CJ and his family so here’s the challenge! We are picking only exercises the start the letters C or J (Chins, Chripees,Cross-Countries, Jumping Jacks, Jumping Chins, Jump rope…you get it! We are setting out the challenge board where you can challenge anyone in any training time to an exercise for a given amount of time and if they do it you will donate X amount of dollars. Once they complete their challenge they will cross it off the board and you can add your donation to our envelope. You can also challenge coaches too! I hear Coach Adam loves a challenge to do chirpees for  5 minutes.,,,he told me!

Are we ready to raise some money for our buddy, CJ? We’ll run this challenge through May 8th!


S3 V.I.P Transformation Contest is HERE!

S3 2015We know a lot of you have been itching for our annual spring into summer transformation contest. You may be looking for something to get you back on track, something to help you shed some bodyfat or something to get you fitting comfortably and feeling great in your summer attire. Whatever your reason- we have your answer right here! Sizzling Summer Slimdown (S3) V.I.P. 

We have done a version of S3 for years. We are always impressed with those who hold on to the end and there is no doubt that those who hold on the whole time get results every time. Here is the thing-  some of us get distracted easily and because of that we are going to shake things up a little this time.

Here is how S3 V.I.P works. We are going to have 5 teams- Team Dean, Team Nancy, Team Erin. Team Meagan and Team Adam. If you sign up fast enough you will get to pick which team you want to be on. This is only guaranteed to the first 10 students for each coach- so don’t delay! Once you select a coach you will need to get your body composition taken. Initial body composition/weigh in, half-way weigh in, and final body composition/weigh in are due by specific dates (specified below). Failure to do so by given dates will result in disqualification from your team! Why are we doing a half-way weigh-in? Great question! To make sure you are on track!

So what is the point of a transformation contest like this? This takes accountability to a whole new level. You are now accountable to yourself, your coach, and your team. You want to lose fat, build muscle, look and feel great but you’re not sure where to start? This is your answer. You will have endless support from your teammates and coach. You will have real life numbers right in front of you motivating you to see results.

What do you get with S3 V.I.P? 

  • Focused support and accountability from your team and your coach
  • Your personal coach
  • A team Facebook page to post questions, recipes, progress, struggles, pictures, and more!
  • An S3 V.I.P exclusive cooking class Wednesday May 13th
  • A red carpet (ok green carpet!) celebration at the end of the contest for ALL participants to reveal winning team and individual winners
  • Overall Winning team gets custom team shirts made with their team name and any team quote they choose
  • Individual winners get custom Get Fit NH jacket!

How do we win?

Team with most weight lost

Team with most body composition lost

Team with best training attendance

Team with least amount of disqualified teammates

Team with most MEPS (Concord only- doesn’t count toward overall winner)

Individual winners for most weight lost and most bodyfat lost!

Here’s the deal- we know you want results. As your coaches we are committed to getting you there, but we can’t do that without your dedication so this competition comes at a price and it comes with the rule of following through until the end!

Price: $39 for a 39 day challenge (after you fill out your payment info you will be redirected to a page where you will choose your coach)

Important dates!

Start Date Monday May 4th

Initial weigh in (Due NLT 5/4)

Initial body composition (Due NLT 5/4)

½ way point weigh in (Due NLT 5/22)

Final weigh in (Due NLT 6/12)

Final body composition (Due NLT 6/12)

End Date Friday June 12th

Make it Happen,

Coach Meagan

The Registration Deadline Has Passed – S3 Starts Monday May 4!

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