Be Consistent!

Regardless of what your goals and ambitions are in life, it will take a fair amount of dedication before you accomplish those goals. Whether that is learning a new skill, starting a new career, or pursuing a new interesting hobby. In order to be successful, you need to be persistent. And it is no different when it comes to your fitness goals.

While I was scrolling through my social media feed I saw a quote that stuck out to me. As it is so true when it comes to health and fitness. The quote said, “be consistently good, not inconsistently great.” A lot of times we get so caught up in how hard we train when we workout. And I have certainly been a victim of it too! We think that if we aren’t lifting the normal weight we are accustomed too or we aren’t doing the same exercises that we are “missing out” on the workout. We feel like we need to be all in. And if we can’t then it is nothing at all. When really the opposite is true. Your workouts shouldn’t be an ALL OR NOTHING approach. Like I and other coaches have said, we would rather have you train all your days per week at 60% maximum effort over a longer period of time than 80 to 90% maximum effort and then fizzle out after a week. 

So remember, your ability to be consistent with your training as well as any nutrition plan over a long period of time is what will yield you great results. Aim to be consistently good, not inconsistently great. 

Coach Dylan

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