Be like Jane at 74 Years Young

Jane is 74 years old. She’s retired and she has been training with us faithfully for almost 5 years. If you’ve ever heard me talk about the client that got up on water skis in their 70s - you’re looking at her.

She stopped me the other day to tell me that my post a few days ago about bone density really struck her. Before she started training with us each doctor visit reported a decline in her bone density. This is a HUGE red flag for all y’all who are aging (cough that’s all of us cough) She reported that every annual doctor visit since she started training with us has shown improved bone density. No more decline.

Now you may be thinking who cares about bone density…but let me be the first one to tell you how painful and debilitating a fractured pelvis, broken hip, or shoulder is after a fall. No one plans to fall, but I can tell you that if I had a dollar for every time a client told me about a fall or accident they had where they should have been hurt, but they were not then boy, I could retire tomorrow!

There are so many sneaky benefits to strength training. Feeling better, feeling more confident and fat loss are all great reasons to keep at it, but we are also playing the long game here. 74 is not too old to improve your quality of life.

 Age with grace, so you can continue to do the things you love to do and the things you need to do as you mature!

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