Did your kitchen look like this on Sunday?

if so, I'd say it is safe to assume you have a goal of improving your body composition or losing weight. Keep it up! Do not lose this momentum. If there is one key or secret to losing weight it is planning and preparing. It is not the potions, pills and powders. It is the real food that you put in your body that reflects on the scale. 

Be consistent! You are not going to wake up with washboard abs and massive weight loss after your first week or even after your first month of adopting this habit. Consistency is the key to results! I encourage you to track your food for a week or two to be sure you are eating enough. Under eating will not result in weight loss. It will result in fat stores holding on for dear life! 

Last tip, please do not be a victim of cutting carbs out of your nutrition. Yes, fruits are carbs. Yes, veggies are carbs, but you need more than that to perform in the gym and recover. Here is a quick article to prove me point and some helpful infographics below to help you! Carbs don't make us fat. Fat doesn't make us fat. Protein doesn't make us fat. Sugar, processed foods and over eating are driving the obesity rates.

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