Realistic Goal Setting in 2021

New year, new me? Something like that. New year, same you, new goals is more like it. 2020 was rough on a lot of people. Self care took a big, huge nose dive and I think a lot of us struggled to get our feet under us again. The change in  year feels like a fresh slate to many and that is a beautiful thing. With change comes new opportunity!

So, maybe THIS is the year that you decide enough is enough. You want your life back. You want to lose the weight.  You want to be able to go on a spontaneous hike. You want to be able to pick up your kids or grandkids. You want to go on adventurous vacations and you want to feel good in your own skin. Whatever your goal is, we can help! 

Whatever your goal is there is likely a nutrition aspect that needs some attention. We will keep you accountable to getting to training and making it happen, but outside of these walls can get hairy and a lot can be undone during the other 165 (ish) hours/week that you are not physically in our care. 

1.) Make sure you are doing the Milestone club. This is a feature included in your training membership with Get Fit NH. Each month we do a weight in, weight goal and a nutrition focus. This helps us, help you set realistic and specific goals. So I can ask you, "Hey Sally, did you eat after dinner last night?" instead of "Hey Sally, how did it go eating less yesterday?" There is a big difference when there is a specific question in relation to your goal.

2.) Be consistent! Your going to do a fabulous job staying on track week one. You are going to feel good and feel proud and THEN you are going to step on the scale and say THAT'S IT!! And you will get discouraged. Losing weight is a process. You are not going to get 6 pack abs after your first week of eating clean and the scale is going to reflect over a consistent period of time. If you lose one pound this week, next week and the week after and so on then you will be down 25 pounds by summer time. 

3.) Set daily mini goals to help you stay on course to the BIG goal. Daily wins help you stay encouraged and focused

4.) Communicate with your coaches if you are struggling! You hired us to help you and we are happy to do it!

Let's make it happen!

Coach Meagan

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