In the Comfort Zone

Alright let's talk for a minute about the comfort zone. You know what I am talking about, your daily routine or habits that allow you to relax or put on auto-pilot for a second and not have to worry or stress about anything. A place where you feel safe from the pressure of uncertainties and what if’s. That comfort zone.

Don’t get me wrong, I like enjoying being in the comfort zone, and I am not saying you shouldn’t enjoy it either. But one of many quotes I remember speaks the truth about it. “The comfort zone is beautiful, but nothing grows there.” In order to really evolve, level-up, or improve you really have to step outside of your comfort zone. 

In relation to fitness, no one gets stronger lifting the same weight over and over if they feel completely comfortable doing it. In order for change or growth to happen, you have to be willing to be uncomfortable lifting something that is heavier that you know will challenge you a lot more. And hey, you might not be able to fully master that weight at first, but just the action of trying to pick it up and use it will make you that much more confident to try again the next time. And that little push will start getting the ball moving, slowly allowing you to build up to that same weight and eventually even master it. But none of this happens if you aren’t willing to get outside your comfort zone and try. Heck I know I have been humbled more than once in the gym. But I will always be willing to try. So I encourage all of you to do the same. Learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. You got all of us supporting you!
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