Everyone who decides to start training and working out does so with a goal mind. It may be multiple reasons, or maybe they have a single purposeful goal that he or she is trying to achieve. Regardless of their own desires or reasons, almost always there is motivation backing their choice to start exercising. Motivation is a powerful tool to help us start something, continue to do it, and hopefully achieve whatever it is we are trying to do. 

So my question to you is, what is your motivation? What is your motive for exercising? It can be anything. Maybe you have a goal to lose ‘x’ amount of weight. Maybe it’s to gain muscle. Or perhaps it's to try and get stronger to lift heavier weights. To run a marathon or compete in a race/competition. Whatever your goals are you must be motivated to achieve it. Otherwise you may lose interest. 

Once you become motivated it's easy to act on it. But the key is to stay motivated, regardless of how long you may have been working towards your goal(s). How can you stay motivated? First, try to remember why you started in the first place. Think back to before you even started, and then look at how far you’ve come in that time. How much did you improve since then? Regardless of the answer I guarantee all of us have had some amount of success since we first started. Now relish that success. Let your past achievements fuel you to reach even new heights. Set new goals to continue to push yourself and be the best you can be. Stay hungry, stay motivated and Make It Happen!

Coach Dylan

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